The Reign of Terror!!!



It’s Hump Day …. Do you know where your “peace” is?!?

Some folks have never considered “finding peace”!  Most folks are concerned with accumulating wealth … usually at the expense of other things.  I am not knocking the accumulation of wealth, I am just opposed to allowing things like “the accumulation of wealth” OR someone’s bad energy/vibes OR a “hater’s hate” to stop me from seeking peace and harmony!  You know, job discrimination and racial profiling … they can hold someone back, too.  Now the one that really gets to me sometime is the “background check” angle.  I had done a “crime”, I did my time … over ten years ago, yet … it comes up over and over again!!  Even for a university graduate like me … they don’t see the years and years of hard work when considering employment and promotions!!  Even the POTUS is proposing legislation to eliminate background checks after a certain amount of time has passed.
Right now, I am looking to do another presentation at a middle school with a great mentoring program for young men as well as the Community Justice Program with Broward Sheriff’s Office.  I have to get in touch with Patrick Cure Leon and Nicole Valencia to set up some dates!  I encourage people to face society’s “reign of terror” with dignity and pride, because … last I checked, no one is perfect!!  So, why do folks like to keep reminding “me” and “others” of our past?!?  Is that the only leverage one can wield to try and “hold a brother down”?!?  Well, it doesn’t work with me anymore … And I want to pass my wisdom, hope and courage on to those who may be facing similar circumstances.  This is why I write … and speak whenever I can!
So, as we draw near the end of another year, hopefully enjoying the Holy Days and the time with family, friends and loved ones, don’t let “nobody’s” reign of terror steal your joy and peace!  Maybe, “they’re gonna learn today”!  The teacher arrives when the student appears!
Enjoy your Hump Day, ya hear!??!

John I. Cook, Director

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