Carry On!! ‘T is The Season . . .”

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Happy Friday, y’all!

It’s a routine for me … like when waking up in the morning to say my first simple prayer of the day … “Thank You!”  So, on it’s heels, I am following up with a hearty “T.G.I.F.”!  Gotta be grateful today, folks!

I mean, we are in the midst of a “holy day” season and it looks like we’d prefer to be in the “holy war” season!!!  With comments like Trump … suggesting that we … the USA … a nation founded on religious freedom … is now looking at banning one group from the USA?!?  Trump says we are at war with these people!!!  Memories of Nazi Germany?  How about memories of rounding up Native Americans and putting them on reservations?!?  Now, simply add to the mixture the “words” of Judge Scalia, which insinuate … if not simply state …. that African American students should choose a “lesser” university to study at other than the University of Texas!!!!  “Hark the herald angels sing!!!”  But what the fudge are they singing NOW?!?!

This is the season to be jolly.  Yet, some folks seem not to even respect this “holy day” season.  We just recently started the Chanukah celebration in this country and now we are looking at Christmas … for those who can get past the “judgmental” part of the “holy day” and just enjoy and seek “Peace on Earth” for a few days, heh?!?  So, here’s my suggestion … “Carry On! ‘t is the season to be jolly!”  Keep that in mind, too!

John I. Cook, Director

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