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Howdy All!

Yeah, don’t have anything catchy to state for Tuesdays … other than “Tacos Tuesday” … and this isn’t a culinary blog type thing so, … “Howdy!” Is gonna have to do for now!  Thanks for still embracing the “capricious format” of sending out e-mails and posting blogs when “I feel it”!  It’s pretty cool for me, being in transition still with living arrangements and stuff … work and pay concerns, not to mention days off for the “holy days”.  At least I don’t feel the “pressure” of having to produce something by a certain time before the next morning!
Yet, two topics stay on my mind that though interrelated still focus on my discontent with the manner that “police” or “law enforcement” handle things when regarding people in general, but in particular, African American men.  The first topic deals with the shooting death of twenty-five year old Ronald Johnson, African American male, who though appearing “high as a kite” made no menacing gestures towards the officer who shot him first to the ground with two shots, and … then apparently became possessed and shot this man 14 … fourteen … 14 MORE times while the twenty-five year old Johnson lay motionless on the ground!!!  This is barbaric behaviour on the part of this officer.  The history of the cover ups regarding this case … and OTHERS there in Chicago Police Department until the recent retirement of Constantine “Dean” Andrews who personally had closed a case of a purported cover-up of one of Mayor Daly’s nephews to the handling of NOT arresting the officer by State Attorney Anita Alvarez for the murder of Johnson … are horrific.  Definite from some freaking far out “cop drama” novel!!!  It just doesn’t seem real to me!!  Attorney for Mr. Johnson’s family, Michael Oppenheimer, is not only charging that Johnson was shot IN THE BACK, but also the incessant firing of shots by officer while Mr. Johnson was already motionless …. motionless … on the ground!
So … changing backdrops … “60 Minutes” segment on Sunday night about “CI”‘s (confidential informants) for the police in various areas … yes, and even a college campus!  The college was “Old Miss” aka University of Mississippi and several students appeared on this segment, as well as the detective who recruited and required the “CI”‘s to set up … literally … school mates who had access to marijuana.  Most of the students ONLY had gotten caught with small amounts of marijuana and forced into the CI status!  The sad part about all this is, a few students were actually killed when it was discovered, as with one young lady, that they had “wires” for live recordings on their person ….  So, in one place in the good ole USA we have police officers covering up crimes that THEY committed on civilians for quite some time; while on the other hand, we’ve got police officers recruiting CI’s on a well know university campus in this country and even telling them not to tell anyone …. not even their parents … and these are “white” youngsters, folks!!!!  Is this how the police operate in some areas in this country?!?  Yes, …. just in case you didn’t know.
Keep your eyes open … and as we say in yoga class … keep your heart open, think clearly and speak wisely.

John I. Cook, Director

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