Art Basel – Miami: 2015

art basel


Happy Friday, All!

And I have to do it … just because … because it feels good!  So, T.G.I.F.!!  Care to join in?!?
Well, in the aftermath of the horrific shooting after an office party … the story continues to unfold.  All of the agencies that are supposed to keep people like the shooter – “Farook” – under close eye, are now collaborating to see where some agency may have “dropped the ball”!  I feel like one local radio announcer said yesterday, “I don’t want to do any more stories on mass shootings anymore.  I am sick of them!  People need to  just stop!  JUST STOP!!”  After a while, we run out of excuses and explanations.  Honestly, the responsibility falls on the person who decides to do the shooting …. to “JUST STOP”!  So, today, I choose to focus not only on the incessant rain here in SoFlo, but the hopes that Art Basel goes well in spite of the weather!
Every year around this time, the European based Art Basel comes to town … along with Santa Claus! “Ho! Ho! Ho!”  I am in the mood for something exciting and upbeat.  Now, at work, my pay was once again returned to $15.00/hour as I rose to the occasion and didn’t complain, but got an average of 11 deals per day for nearly four weeks!  I guess that indicated that I am a hard worker and was “earning my keep”, as the expression goes.  I can’t really worry about the “other folks” with less time on the job than me and the “office favorites” … we all know how that goes!  So, I’ve been keeping the “pedal pressed” each day as I have rejoined the sales force there.  One co-worker even mentioned going down to Miami this weekend to check out some of the events of Art Basel.  Last year, I believe, somebody like Jay Z or P-Diddy was in town and bought up a bunch of expensive pieces of art work.  I am sure it will be quite the event again, as preparations have been underway for a while now.
So, whatever you do this weekend, enjoy yourself … we never know when it’s our “own” last hours, so let’s be grateful and try to learn to treat each other … not to mention ourselves, a little better.  Have a great weekend … pray for peace!

John I. Cook, Director



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