“In The Beginning . . .”

the beginning


Happy Hump Day, YEAHHHHH!

My oh my!!!  This year is flying by!!  I mean, we are already looking at Thanksgiving like next week!  Can you believe it?!?  Do you feel like the year “passed you by”?!?  This is the reason that I make the most of every day … with gratitude in my attitude, you dig?!?
Every year, some of us decide to start the New Year off right … signing up at the gym, promising to quit smoking … or lying … or cheating!!  Funny, right?!?  Most of us give up shortly after the New Year begins … and call it a “wrap”!!!  Changes come … and changes go.  As I prepare for Thanksgiving and the following “holy days”, I am seeking yet more changes in my own life.  It is always good to re-evaluate ones direction in life … especially if one is going “off course”!!  What are the predictors of “off course”?  I am sure it is different for each person, depending on what our personal values entail.  I admire those folks who “think outside the box”!!  After all, it is much easier to just “follow” what other people are doing, or saying, and more difficult to adjust ones own feelings to “fit” what someone else wants you to feel!!!
Have you ever wondered how things were … ” … in the beginning …”?  In the beginning of WHAT you might ask?  The week?  The month? Maybe the year?? How about YOUR life??  Okay, go deep, in the beginning of T.I.M.E.!  Did I mess y’all up with that last one!?  Shucks, I know folks don’t wanna think that far back … but we’d have to in order to find out if “we humans” are “off course”?  What did our Creator want for us?  Do we give a flying horses tail?!  Well … we should!!!  I look at this year and we have witnessed some horrible human behavior … Athletes beating the “ladies” … Stars being accused of all sorts of sexual indecent behavior ( from Sheen to Cosby ) … Racial hatred burgeoning into murder, any and everywhere … from Baltimore, MD to West Palm Beach, FL … Mass killings from “coast to coast”!!!  International drama is at its WORST with planes full of innocent people on them being blown right out of the sky  … then France and Africa!!! Even Russian leader Putin is so angry about the Egyptian flight with mostly Russians on board blown from the sky that he vows to get “even” and punish the perpetrators of the bombing!!
Does anyone have time to wonder what’s wrong with humanity?  Do some of us dare to care?  Or are we all wrapped up in our individual concerns and journeys that we don’t care … UNLESS it “benefits” us personally?!?  So much has occurred in my life personally … challenges, successes … and of course, I am still here to tell youse about it!!  I even lived to be a grandfather!! No … I am not cocky, but fairly confident and proud of the way I handle myself and the situations I encounter.  I mean, why shouldn’t I be!?!!  That’s why I share the oft so personal things with readers so you can have some idea of what even “I” face each day … being an African American male!  I can tell you … it ain’t nothing to shake a stick at!!
John I. Cook, Director

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