“Let Me Tell You Something . . . “

Let me tell you shorty



Happy Friday, y’all!!!

Yep, I am still at it … wishing everyone far and wide a Happy Friday … T.G.I.F.!!!
So much going on around town, in the country … and world-wide!  Just sayin’!  Have you ever noticed how some folks start off their “stories”?!?  Like … “What happened was …” or “Do you know what really went down?” Or … “Let me tell you something …”… then, you can brace yourself for whatever comes out next … usually a twisted story!!!  I wonder if folks know how they sound trying to convince you … or someone else … of something that they hardly know to be true?!?  Well, I usually don’t judge, but I usually listen … not because I am convinced, but because I like to “hear folks out” first!!
So, some of you may remember the situation I mentioned … having my position changed in the company from QC (Quality Control) to a sales rep. for the company I’ve worked for over a year now … two years in April 2016 … and my pay reduced from $15/hour to $13/hour with a one day notice … It hasn’t changed much, though I “held my own” in the sales department!  Now, the explanation given was “understandable”, but in my opinion, not fair!  Why?!?  Because I had worked the previous two weeks in Quality Control and was NOT in the sales representative division.  Is it time for a change?!?  I am feeling it more than ever now!!!
So … third time I am using “so” to start a paragraph … Things don’t make me say “so” unless it needs some serious contemplating!!!  I was told, “So if you get 10 deals a day and no events like a car problem or late to work, I will raise you back to $15/hr.”  I did that, went to talk with the “person” and they had prepared an excuse to avoid what the “person” had previously told me …  It is hard to fathom how folks can behave like that … and live with themselves!!  Dishonesty is a major human flaw in people nowadays …. hmmmpppffff.
Now, needless to say … this is causing all kinds of challenges in my “financial affairs”.  Pray for me …

John I. Cook, Director

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