Happy Veteran’s Day 2015!! “Oooo- Rahhh!”

Veterans 2015


Yes, today is Wednesday … Hump Day …. and Veteran’s Day!
So much to be thankful for with the military presence we … the USA … hold in the world today.  Many of us … me included …. I am sure take for granted some of the freedoms we have here in terms of our lifestyle.  Sports in arenas and amusement parks of all shapes and sizes … and rides.  Clubs and restaurants …. lakes and rivers to boat and canoe in …. Thanks Veterans … and those presently serving.
At this time, I want to congratulate a good friend, former room mate from St. Paul’s School senior year with Robert Aurelius Hipp (RIP), Mr. Larry T. Woody who has been instrumental if not pivotal in establishing an excellent program for “Fathers” and has received a Federal grant to continue this important work.  He also just got a promotion to take things even further!  Kudos, LT Woody!  The “Focus on Families & Fathers Initiative” in Philadelphia owes much to your case management work and dedication!
Our world is one plagued with violence … and it appears to be part of the “human condition”.  That is, we like to fight … wars and battles and stuff!!  Personally, us humans also gravitate towards groups.  Even if there are three people, two usually join sides against the other.  Heh!!  Who knew!!  I learned that in social psychology … whenever that happens … rather than have a “church”-type development, we choose sides and “go to war”!  “When in Rome … do as the Romans do!”  Well, as we live in a world as previously described, it is beneficial to have excellent “armed forces”.  Thusly, we in the U.S.A. celebrate Veteran’s Day.  That would be today … “Oooo- rahhh!”, as the saying goes amongst the brave and fearless soldiers of the United States of America.  So, going out to those who have served … RIP … those who are serving … and those who will serve, perhaps, Happy Veteran’s Day!
John I. Cook, Director

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