Happy 10th Home Going Anniversary Marietta Dolores!

Remembering Mom


Happy Friday, All!
And a wonderful “T.G.I.F.” to each of youse!!  It’s a special day beyond just being Friday for me … and my family!!  It is the tenth anniversary of my mother’s “Going Home” Day!!  A few years ago, an elementary school childhood friend, Robert “Bobby” Schulman, helped my family put a plaque on Mom’s grave located in Kensico Cemetery in Valhalla, NY!  It was a very noble gesture on his part, and, he also had his son Ariel and his son’s mother join us there to celebrate the placing of her plaque on her grave site.  We had many family friends there who also knew and loved my mother, including my daughter Ayanna; my sister Edna; Yvonne, JoAnn and Gordon Derouseau; my great nephew Trent and my sister’s son and my nephew, Brandon; and the Landauer’s for whom my mother worked for many many years … “Betty” and Gail and Alan with whom we all stayed during that trip!
Quite memorable … quite special and NEVER EVER to be forgotten.  We love you Marietta Dolores … Until we meet again.  She taught me so many things in becoming the peaceful warrior that I am.  She encouraged me to embrace education, communication and yes … spirituality.  Her favorite gem for me in “times of trouble” was The 23rd Psalm …
Enjoy your weekends, folks.  After all … it is also “No Shave November”!

John I. Cook, Director

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