And We’ve Landed …. Again!!

Einstein's lies

It’s Tuesday … is it Taco Tuesday in your town!?  I don’t know what to do sometimes … just “acting a fool”!!  I mean, other people do it … and nobody says “nuthin'”!!!?  How come?!  I had one person comment as he wove a bunch of lies to explain how and/or why he cut my hourly pay by $2.00 that I was “Mr. Positivity”!!

 Now … what is wrong with being “positive”?!?  And why would you say that … to a “brother”?!?  I assume this is not only an ignorant comment … but like I told y’all before … “black men” have to put up with some sh@t … even in the work place.  Stay with me on this … It was Thursday, the second week of our work week in the pay schedule … and this person  tells me: “Okay your check tomorrow will be at $13/hr instead of $15/hr.”  The explanation that followed was soooo ridiculous … I can’t even explain it!!  You should’ve heard this “person” try to explain to someone who already knew it was an excuse … for personal reasons which I still don’t know … but I suspect it is because I am so positive!!!  Now, I share this with you folks for various reasons … but the main one should be obvious!
Now, I know some folks would say the typical ignorant comment … “You probably deserved it!”  OR “You must have done something to deserve it!”  Well, I wasn’t selling loose cigarettes on the street in NYC but simply at work … late maybe 2-5 minutes on 4 or 5 occasions due to a car accident or the vehicle not starting or having to get my license renewed … which we can’t do except between 9 and 5 …
I just wonder what some people think a brother is to do … definitely NOT grin and bear it.  Yet, I won’t feed into their “nasty little hands” and allow myself to get caught up in their little webs …  This is why I meditate and pray … and do yoga … and seek peace ALWAYS!


John I. Cook, Director

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