And Away We Go!!!

away we go

Happy Friday, All!
It’s about that time again …. T.G.I.F.!  You know, I often have to promise myself, that no matter how “uncaring” a person may seem, which usually contradicts what someone like this might say … “how much they care about you!” …   their actions tell a far different story.  I am still practicing some serious detachment from situations like this.  This is when people try to hurt you or discourage you with something they might “with hold” from you …  like a raise … or simply said, cut your pay!  I don’t quite get it … I mean, it seems that EVERYBODY is on the “take”!!  What’s really going on?!?  Now don’t get me wrong … I’ve some superb friends who show me some “serious care” or “love”, if you will.  Yet, at a repair shop, for example, or at work … sometimes even in traffic it seems that somebody is trying to put somebody else “down” or into a difficult situation or just are plain old disrespectful.  Others in positions of authority may try to make another person feel like “they owe you something”!!  Are they seeking ego fulfillment due to their lack of character?!?
Things like this push me into a very peaceful yet warrior-like way.  Yes, sometimes I feel like acting out … arguing or something.  But usually, the person with whom I would argue wouldn’t understand anything anyway.  “Their” minds are made up, so to speak, and reaching them would be a miracle!  So, I save my comments most of the time, and simply move away from the potential conflict or drama.  Usually when I do this, I find a “miracle” of my own!!
As I mentioned, I will be moving and don’t know when I will have access to internet … though I will be looking for the “Wi-fi” locations in the meantime.  It is also the time to write maybe two e-mails/blog posts per week … who knows … maybe even one!  Let me know what you think, if you’ve the inkling!!  In keeping my head “to the sky”, I continue to hope to ramp up my options and take an interest in my daughter and my new grandson, Caleb Isaac.  The challenges we all face from time to time seem “normal” in our world today.  Do you think we can make some changes for the better?!?  I hope so … And away we go!!
John I. Cook, Director

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