“You Dropped A Bomb On Me!”



Happy Hump Day, Y’All!

Yeah … that’s what I’m saying now that I have gotten probably some of the most challenging news ever … in a long time anyways.  Yes, but not as challenging as some news I have gotten in the past.  So, for me, about this time … it is all relative!
There is  more electrical (fuse box) repairs needed in the Jeep Compass and the cost is even more than the last repair!  I had notions of “abandoning” it and … well … ruining my already struggling credit …  I had thoughts of just leaving it there for a few months and catching the buses across Broward County … Those thoughts were pretty horrifying, not to mention “challenging” as I wondered how I would grocery shop or get to the gym.  Then, I thought about asking a good friend … who agreed to help me out … again!  I am overwhelmed with happiness as I just got off the phone with the assistant manager at the repair shop to “get the ball rolling”, as he said!  Humbly grateful as I have so much to do this weekend.  I will leave the details for another day while embracing the love being shown to me.
Have you ever had those moments when you are NOT sure what to do?!?  Just yesterday … on my way home from work … I spoke with my daughter who shared her wisdom regarding “things that just happen that are unexpected”!!  I listen to suggestions, I meditate and pray … then meditate again … and listen to the “inner voice”.  I am so blessed and so grateful to have you folks as readers, as it is one of the readers who agreed to help … again!  Thank you, David …

John I. Cook, Director

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