It’s The Weekend, Baby!!

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It IS Friday … what do you make of it?!?  Hey! Hey heyyyy! … T.G.I.F.!!!

Man … and woman … oh man! …. and woman! … It has been quite a week for me!!!  Changes out the “ying/yang”, to use an old school expression.  Between catching two buses to get to work and then home for a week can wear you … in this case …. ME … out!!  Okay … at least wear me down!!!  Whewww. Walking maybe a mile at 6:30am to catch two buses with a bit of walking in between stops and work!?!  Keeps one humble … A lot of working folks do it everyday.  I even observed some some students … elementary/day care age to trade school age … taking the bus ritualistically!  Reminded me of my days when I lived on Ft. Lauderdale Beach and had to catch two buses to get to American Express’s Call Center in Sunrise, FL.  There is a whole world or “early morning people” out there, y’all!
So, thanks to a few good friends again, I got the Compass out of the shop Thursday evening.  It was so beautiful, yet, while somewhat challenging for all involved, to see how the people who helped me out came together into the situation!  You know who you are … and some of y’all reading might remember them, too.  Nice to get into the vehicle after 3 weeks of constant drama and disappointment, and finally start it up and drive without incident!  But, last evening … definitely this morning by now, the Jeep Compass is cruising the streets of Hollywood, the roadways of I-95 as well as the streets of Ft. Lauderdale again!!
Keeping in mind that we are bringing Hispanic Heritage Month to an end, we are in the middle of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  There have been so many great posts on social network and really  nice to see the different means that people are choosing to demonstrate an interest in keeping Breast Cancer Awareness in the forefront of our modern society.  This Saturday at Huizenga Park off of Las Olas in Ft. Lauderdale, the “Glam-Doll-Strut” will begin its annual parade of women (some men blended in there, too!) set up in groups with costumes and outfits, high heels and make-up … and strutting their “stuff”!  It begins around 11AM as the various “competing groups” assemble and get their marching positions in the parade.  The parade better known as “Glam Doll Strut” is hosted by Lynn Martinez from Channel 7/WSVN News and Deco Drive here in SoFlo.  Hey, I am going to be there taking some photos and enjoying the extremely positive ambiance.  Come on down to the Esplanade Park near the New River and the IMAX Theatre downtown FTL where the even “holds court” and culminates.
Now, as if that ain’t enough, the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Group of Hollywood will be holding the monthly “World Peace Meditation” in ArtsPark at Young Circle in Hollywood, FL on Sunday at 6pm.  It is always a fine time with many activities including QiGong movements, yoga asanas … and singing bowls along with our guided meditations by the yogis and Roz Reich and Etta Stevens.  I am sending out vibrations for decent weather so these outdoor activities, as well as many many others, can be enjoyed by those choosing to participate.  It’s the weekend, Baby!  Do something good for yourself!

John I. Cook, Director

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