The Politics of Reporting

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It’s HUMP DAY! Yeahhh!
I know, still a little crazy with all the “drama” at my door, so to speak!  While I am generally a “loner”, meaning I go and do things by myself if necessary, I do genuinely “love” people!  Just watching the Democratic Candidate Debate for POTUS was very entertaining … not “trump style”, but “reality” and grass-roots style.  The intelligence of Bernie Sanders and the character that has become “Hillary Clinton” due the drama she has handled over the years demonstrated that people … potential and current leaders … KNOW what the most serious problems in this country are today.  They can state all of our problems in this country with racism, mass incarceration rates, the top 1% of the top 1% of the wealthiest people in this country control over 90% of the wealth!!  Even the problem with too relaxed gun control laws and its relationship to mental illness in this country.  Why do we “allow” this to continue?  Is the notion of changing “it” too big?!?  Too arduous??  Too difficult, maybe?
Now, I am not a journalist … in some folks opinions, maybe not a writer!!  Still, I enjoy writing … I write because I love to express thoughts and ideas that are positive, nurturing, illuminating perhaps … exposing things we may take for granted even.  I know its not perfect, I know there are mistakes … I do my own editing at 10 at night or 6am in the morning.  So, enough of that!
Reporting is an area where “the brothers” get the short end of the stick, too!  Okay, how many saw any stories or articles, videotapes or posts on social media about “The Million Man March” in DC this past weekend?  I heard about it early last week but actually forgot about it until I saw a few posts on Facebook talking about the “lack” of publicity of a “sea of brothers” peacefully co-existing, no police needed nor wanted … and supporting each other … to do good!!  Why didn’t we see any live television broadcasts … okay, how about just quick clips of video to show on the news!!  I didn’t see ANY television station report it!!  Now, we know that the “media” can sensationalize everything else … especially the negative.  Why not The Million Man March?!!!
Okay, now … how many of you “readers” heard about the NBA basketball professional who plays for the Atlanta Hawks being attacked and arrested by New York Police Department officers and had his LEG BROKEN????  Okay, I’m gonna back up a bit … I L.O.V.E. basketball.  I watch it every chance I get … especially the NBA and college basketball.  Not to mention my love for “travel team” basketball and high school basketball – both jv and varsity  … I love this game!!  But I didn’t hear ANYTHING about this player who along with another NBA player at a night club in New York during the early NBA Play Offs and the games held in New York City (Knicks, Nets) got arrested.  Difference is, Thabo Sefolosha, (Swiss and South African … born in Switzerland) a star player for the Atlanta Hawks, got his leg broken while in police custody in New York.  One account had it that he got out of his car to give money to a homeless man … like $20 … and supposedly an officer came over and began to question the professional basketball player who is “black” but a foreigner … somewhat fair-skinned.  Another story had it that some guy began stabbing a group at a night club but Sefolosha and the other player, Antic, claim they were no where near that incident.  All in all, Sefolosha was found not guilty and he and the NBA are looking into filing a suit against the three officers of the NYPD.
Keep in mind folks, that there are some real issues on the horizon that we must deal with in this country.  As Bernie Sanders insinuated last night during the Democratic Party Debate that the void is too big between the”very few haves” and the “way out of wack have nots” … perhaps a revolution is needed.


John I. Cook, Director

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