What Should I Do NOW?!?

what should I do now


It’s Friday … can I say “T.G.I.F.” today, too?  Even though things are a bit challenging, I have learned to be blessed, grateful and hopeful … faithful even!  It’s tough sometimes.
 When the going get’s tough, the tough get going!!  Sounds good, though!!  I am sending this out early to the “e-mail family” as I will be using public transportation to get to work and have to leave an hour earlier.  For me, it is not a big deal … I just don’t like the way this “car repair” thing has been going.  I stopped by the Jeep dealer on my way to work yesterday morning to pay, as I was able accumulate the estimated amount for repairs ($700.00), and … when I got in it, the car drove exactly the same as it did when I drove it in to the Joey Acardi Jeep/Dodge Dealer’s Service Center last Saturday!!!  I was in awe!!!!  How could it be so difficult to fix this thing?!?!  I was never a good auto mechanic but … neither are some of these guys … and they do it for a living!!!
I am pushing forward pretty hard … “spinnin’ on a dime” … as it is said in some circles, handling those things that I can … and leaving those “other” things to my Creator!!  Now, I have been on public transportation many many times since living in South Florida.  The buses are pretty cool … most of them clean, and, Tri-Rail is another means of public transportation that is very popular and fairly efficient running between the three counties.  I remember when I lived on Ft. Lauderdale Beach in a studio and worked in Sunrise at AMEX’s telephone service center. I didn’t have a car then either and took two buses like I am today, literally crossing Broward County.  You can actually relax a little bit but “you” have to be on time!!  Those buses are punctual … and often early!
So, I’ve gotta have faith that this mechanic can figure it out, or the assistant service manager can convince someone in their service center to figure out what is wrong with the Compass.  I mean, it ain’t no Maserati  or Benz SUV or nothing … it’s a Jeep Compass!  This is one of those times when I am grateful that I can get up at 4 or 5am and walk maybe a mile and a half to Young Circle to catch a bus across County.  I mean, I am sore … I have different aches and pains but I can’t let that stop me now.  So, I am keepin’ it moving!  Looking forward to a great weekend, counting my blessings … that’s what I am doing now!!
“Count it all joy!”

John I. Cook, Director

Educational Excellence

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