“Oooooops! Sorry about that!”


Happy Hump Day, You All!

It’s a wonderful day to be alive!  No … I didn’t hit the Florida Lotto nor did I get a new job … I am just feeling very humble and grateful at the same time … just because!!  Okay, I have been having some car repair issues and living location issues … at the same time!!  Being a single guy with the kind of work I do … and the amount that I make … two financial “challenges” simultaneously can be tough!  So, I reached out to a couple of people, including the guy at the Jeep dealer’s repair shop whose name is also “John”.  Though the repairs are “expensive” for me, there is always more that may “need to be done” to the car!  So, I leveled with “John” … “I am not Trump!  I’ve just had one coil replaced and plugs … car ran the same … rough … Another mechanic kept my car like a “hostage”  for a week but he had worked on the Jeep’s electrical system before so … uh … I trusted him.  No fee for labor … just the part … a crank sensor, tremendous “inconvenience” for me and a good friend, Burke who lent me his truck while my car was there, but … dayuuum!”
“Oooooops!  Sorry about that!”, was all that they each had to say!!!
So, I may be sending one or two e-mails a week after Halloween, depending on internet availability.  Russia supposedly dropped bombs on what may have been troops that America has been supporting … I caught this at lunch time on CNN.  Then, the USA apparently accidentally bombed a hospital in Afghanistan!!!!  “Ooooops!  Sorry about that!”  The sad thing here with these two situations is that lives were lost!!!  There seems to be little if any good that ever comes out of violence and aggressive activity.  Are there any such negative repercussions for “love” and high doses of “peace”????  I doubt it.  So, why do us humans over indulge in scaring people, bombing places, threatening each other and “one-uping” each other all the darn time?!
There are some accidents that are hard to repair … or take back … or undo.  “Ooooops!  Sorry about that!” is just not an appropriate response for the loss of a life that the “taker” of the life didn’t create!!!  Can’t we be a little bit more careful before we … bomb places … OR “drunk drive” on major roadways?!?  I will keep it simple today.  In closing, a special shout out to my sister Edna and an “anonymous” friend as well as David, the parent of a former student of mine who moved to South Carolina!  I am looking at my gratitude today and encourage us to “think before we speak OR act”!
John I. Cook, Director

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