Make It Count!

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Happy Friday, y’all!  ALL Y’ALL!

So, keeping with tradition, T.G.I.F.!   It has been one whirlwind of a week … and I’m still standing …  How are things in “y’all’s” neck of the woods?!?  I know … a bit corny but I try to maintain my sense of humor in the face of everything that I can!  Now, I am no super-person, so … sometimes it gets tough … tougher to smile!  I am being straight with youse!!   And quickly, I want to say that that is where the meditation and prayer as well as yoga which is often referred to as “moving meditation” actually make me more “flexible” with and appreciative of my life!  Yes … om shanti, shanti, … shanti.
So, I wanted to mention an event that occurred recently at the Hillcrest Country Club in Hollywood, put together by the Hollywood Meditation Group of the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual World University.  Roz Reich and her “partner in peace”, Ella, put together an incredible Rakhi Tying Ceremony where each of us got to visit Sister Veronica, the Florida director for the Brahma Kumaris, and have our symbolic pledges of peace and promise to care for each other tied around our wrists!  The ambiance at the Hillcrest Country Club Community building on the property there was scenic, as it overlooks the golf course; and decorations inside were stellar, with the red lights moving across and over the room, very peaceful calm music playing, flowers and “peaceful spirits” present enjoying each other’s company!  Several Brahma Kumaris members from Miami were present as was Sister Marianne now living in Sarasota, who sat on the stage next to Sister Veronica passing out one of the many spiritual gifts, “rocks and cards” given to each of us to remember what may be the last Rakhi tying ceremony at the Hillcrest Country Club!  We even had “a singing bowl” that added to the spiritual ambiance there with a clip of the new film by Oprah Winfrey entitled: “Belief”, being shown to us.  It focuses on the many ways that people all over the world are seeking to understand this journey we ALL have been gifted with called “life” and our common denominator of “belief”!
Tomorrow, I am presenting a workshop to the Broward Sheriff’s Office Community Justice Program participants which consists of local Broward County high school young people who have been given “a second chance”, so to speak.  It is led by Nicole Valencia, Youth Services Counselor, who has invited me back a second time to speak with this unique group of young people.  Amongst the topics I plan to address are: 1. Bullying and Peer Pressure, and, 2. Goal Setting for Personal Development.  I look forward to the opportunity to “give back” as well as to share my “hope, experience and peace” with these young folks!
With so many spiritual events going on this weekend, including the Pope’s visit to New York City and then Philadelphia, I hope many of you get a chance to re-evaluate your “spiritual selves”, should you decide you have one, as it is apparent that a human desire for a peaceful and spiritual “paradigm shift” is on the horizon!

John I. Cook, Director

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