Who Are You Going to Vote for NOW?!?!



What?!?  It’s Wednesday??? Hump Day, Yeaaahhhh!!

If nobody told you all today … that they love youse …. let me get the ball rolling!!!  It’s even the first day of Autumn!  Gotta love it … change!  That is one of the few reasons I enjoyed living in New England for so many years … the seasons change … 4 times!!  Now, once we got past the aesthetic beauty of fall … winding roads … leaves changing colors … and that brisk nip in the air with the first signs of Autumn … it was often rather challenging … the winters, that is!  Each day, I try to enjoy life to the utmost … in a healthy way!
So, the Pope is now “state-side” and preparing for quite a menu of festivities in three major cities, starting with Washington, DC where he will be spending two or three days and holding several masses at the most noteworthy Catholic Churches in our Nation’s Capitol.  Preparations for security and ease of travel have been in the works for a while now!  I wish the Pope safety and peace during his travels here!
We Americans, like most societies of the Western civilization foundations, have been “taught” to want certain things, to believe certain things, and to behave in a certain way … or NOT!  Now, I was in traffic yesterday just marveling at how people actually “follow the rules” pretty closely on I-95.  Now of course you have those folks who weave in and out of traffic to get one or two car lengths ahead of where they would’ve been, but most people drive and behave normally … in a civilized fashion!  So, us “humans” are trainable and we can be conditioned as evidenced by the theory of Pavlov’s classical conditioning in psychology!  We can follow a routine, most of the time.  Then, when things get tough … “all bets are off”, so to speak.  The economy gets tight … people rob banks and stores … and each other!!  Out the window with that “civilization” crap!!!  Murders and unanticipated deaths occur, out come the racial comments with hatred written all over them!!  Take a look at our Republican candidates for President now!!!  As Emilio, Gloria Estefan’s husband, says: “All we hear about is racial hatred, division and separating of people … ethnic groups!”  This led him to pen the song entitled: “We are All Mexican”!  Are these the people who want to be our nation’s “leaders”?  Now, the infamous Donald Trump got the ball of NOT being politically correct rolling in his efforts to get “voters on his side” by bashing “Mexicans and other groups from Latin/Hispanic heritage” … bashing women like Rosie O’Donnell … and even Carly Fiorina, another Republican candidate for president!!!
We’ve got Dr. Ben Carson, who speaks more like he should be a participant in a “diversity training workshop” rather than running for the POTUS!!!  Imagine him in the Middle East attempting to work out a treaty with a country that is predominantly Muslim!!  What’s coming out of these early campaign activities is somewhat horrifying.  Look at the candidates that we embrace!?  Listen to what they say?!  Is this something “uniting and empowering” people?!  Listening to some of these folks speak is like a combination comedy show/horror flick!!!  Shucks, if it were up to me, I would do like we used to do in class elections in school … write in someone else’s name!!!  “Pope for President” or “Emilio and Gloria Estefan for Pres. and Vice Pres”!  All I have to say is that for me, President Obama has held down a somewhat “crumbling nation” and stabilized the apparent “down-fall”.  I know, it’s a tough job but somebody has to do it … tell the truth, that is!
In the meantime, don’t get too wrapped up in the rhetoric of these folks, use your intelligence … what little that may be left in each of us now … and usher in our Autumn season.  Learn to embrace “the change”!  Happy Autumn, ALL!

John I. Cook, Director

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