The “Secret Place”

secret dwelling


It’s Monday … and another opportunity to do something good!

This past weekend saw a lot of festive preparations for the Pope’s arrival in Havana and the Mass he held for the hundreds of thousands of people – seniors and children included on Sunday!  It was quite the event, as I happened to watch it on television Sunday morning.
Also Sunday morning, as I sought to sort through some of my own life’s issues, I heard Joel Osteen, tel-evangelist out of Texas, talk about a subject that I hold dear to my heart and central to my own personal development.  It was about the “Secret Place” that each of us should seek to nourish.  It is that place where negativity and hostile thoughts or actions have no impact.  It is that place of peace that one can nurture so that when one is surrounded with “seas of negativity”, we still remain afloat and on course!  What a fabulous place, that inner core of peace that we can establish to where we return when the “world’s” drama comes knocking at the door!
I particularly enjoyed Joel Osteen’s description of the “secret place” as the place which, though “water” surrounds you … as it might surround a boat or water vessel … as long as “we” don’t let the negative thoughts and energies into our “secret place”, again as water would come into a boat, we can safe guard and preserve who we really are … creatures of peace!  Sometimes, Osteen continued, “we have to let things go” in order to stay peaceful and not full of nervous and negative energy as we might be drawn “outside” of our peaceful selves and get caught up in the drama.  As well, as long as we do NOT get involved in a “tit for tat” communication with someone that we  may have had a disagreement with, or a desire to seek revenge on someone who has wronged you, “you” will be behaving maturely, peacefully and able to call forth your blessings from your Creator!  After all, good karma, if you will, is simply attracting the good in “the universe” because you are in tune with the “goodness” as evidenced by your behavior.
So, when you feel that a “place” like this, deep within … only accessible to you and your Creator, may benefit you along this journey, take some time to develop it.  It’s a “safe place” where you can retreat when circumstances in your life seem not to be going the way you want it!  And, as a friend said to me while we chatted Friday afternoon, “You never know what someone is going through!”  We both chuckled, and said, “Be kind to them, too!”
Have a great week!

John I. Cook, Director

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