Be What You Feel Inside!

dr seuss

Happy Hump Day, y’all!
“A person sees in the world what they feel in their heart.”  – Anonymous
What comes to “your” mind when reading something so profound like this?!?  Well, at first, I got defensive … I mean, if someone is lying to me and trying to deceive me … and I don’t like it … what does that mean about me?!?  Should I see the dishonesty or callousness in “the other person”?  Or do I pretend “it” does not exist?  Okay, I think we can move on now!
What do you feel inside on a “good day”?  Do “you” feel hostile or powerful …  like you need to prove something to “others”?  Or, are you secure in yourself and able to trust the average person?  Now, that doesn’t mean that you accept whatever they say … “hook, line and sinker” … it means that you can trust them … until they show you otherwise!  Yet, if one is fearful and untrusting of “others” in general, perhaps they have been burnt or taken advantage of many times before.  This distrust thing may have become a part of their lives!!  How do you deal with the “fact” that another person has been treated poorly because of their religion, their race or their sexual orientation?  Do “you” add to their discomfort?  Is there really anything that anyone “else” can do to make that person feel more at “ease”?  For a short time, perhaps “they” can.  But in the long run, one HAS to believe that there is goodness, kindness … honesty and love in this world in order to be able to perceive it!!  Pretty simple and straightforward.
Of course, if one likes, one can feel all the disappointment and distrust in the world … even if it isn’t there!  That’s when it becomes a problem.  There is an exchange, as I’ve been able to tell so far, between what one keeps in one’s heart … inside … and what one  manifests in their daily lives.  Each day is like a “habit” forming entity … so … choose wisely!


John I. Cook, Director

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