Another Beautiful Full Moon Weekend!

Think positive


Happy Friday, All!

I’ve been trying to tell you … T.G.I.F.!!  It’s Friday again … and a beautiful full moon weekend.  Yes, I  know there is a hurricane … Erica … out there beating the foliage off of the tiny islands of the Caribbean like Dominica!  Mother Nature comes in many different shapes and sizes!!  Hurricanes are certainly “Her” way of surprising us with Her power!!  Just yesterday, the POTUS was in New Orleans as they take a look back a few years … I lost count.  Since I’ve lived in South Florida, I’ve witnessed Katrina and Wilma … the latter created the backdrop for the passing of my mother … not Andrew … but I know how a hurricane can suddenly hit and flatten terrain.  I remember a few in White Plains growing up maybe in elementary school and junior high ….
Last night, I attended a talk by a woman who is the owner of Thrive Wellness in Ft. Lauderdale.  Filiz spoke about how our bodies turn the food we eat, even the air we breathe and absorb through our skin, into energy.  It is a process that goes on for our entire life times!!  The process she described is extremely complex and is transported through our bodies via a fine network of connections driven in essence by our individual “DNA”.  Sometimes, problems erupt in that process that causes us to suffer from a variety of diseases.  As I mature and the body ages, I look for ways to ease the discomfort, and, as one speaker last night mentioned, slow down – maybe even reverse, the aging process!  It was quite intriguing.  Filiz mentioned that she and members of her family, as she has become well versed in Chinese medicine, no longer take antibiotics!  While more serious diseases require some of the man-made antibiotics, Filiz stated that there are many many natural ones found in foods, fruits and vegetables.
Things are going as they should, I suppose, the “good” mixed with the “bad”, and it is imperative that I maintain a positive attitude.  Anxiety, according to Filiz, is what she treats most of her patients for!  No matter what people have, it often comes with a condition of anxiety . . . peace be still.  How do we ease that anxiety?  By being joyful, eating proper foods, exercises and a positive attitude.  I’ve mentioned this more than once in these writings, that while it may be difficult to keep such an attitude with an onslaught of negatives in our lives, it will add to our overall health, if we keep that positivity alive and well in our thought patterns!
While there may be some storms brewing off the coast, may we look forward to another beautiful full moon weekend.

John I. Cook, Director

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