There’re “Two” Sides to Every Story … Usually!


Hump Day, Yeaaaahhhhh!

What does it mean to “understand” someone?  Well, if you think that is hard, what does it mean to “understand” oneSELF?  Why do we do the things we do?  Why are we doing certain “things” with or to our lives??  Do you think other “people” can see what you are doing?  Are they “seeing clearly”?  How about YOU?
You got two people … you got two sides … interpretations …. perceptions … just because most people are different from each other.  Now, one thing I do, which makes me gravitate toward others “like” me in terms of their core values, is to be simplistic in my perceptions of things or situations … even people.  Why?  I don’t like to judge “others” as they usually have experienced something …. in their past, present or future … that I am not aware of.  I admire how “civilized” people are sometimes … and, I try to do my “part” to build on the momentum of “good deeds being done” in a day!  Try it sometimes … let your guard down if it feels safe, use your intuition … and either do something “good” for and/or receive something “good” from someone!  It feels absolutely wonderful to diffuse a situation and circumstances that could get ugly and negative and bring out the worst in the human spirit!
Just last week, there was a story in the news about a “man” who had been arrested for stabbing another “man” on the side of I-95 near Deerfield Beach, FL.  The man who did the stabbing, it turns out, was an African/Jamaican American (dred locks and all) man.  The man who was stabbed was a well built Caucasian man.  At first, the story favored the well built Caucasian man who seemed to have been attacked with his girlfriend standing by in dismay.  Then, after being arrested, the Jamaican guy hired an attorney and told the story … as HE experienced it!  He said that the Caucasian guy was driving all crazy and cutting him off on the Interstate and yelling racial slurs out of his window followed by, ” ….. learn how to drive!”  According to the Jamaican man, the Caucasian man continued cutting him off until he was forced off the road!  So, the Caucasian guy got out of his car, according to the Jamaican guy, started walking crazed toward him and upon reaching him began an assault that resembled “MMA” attack fighting style!  The Jamaican man said that he was kicked and punched, even had his head placed between the legs of the much stronger Caucasian man and put in a head-lock choke hold!!  Soon, according to the Jamaican man, the guy’s girlfriend got out of the car and the two of them kicked and punched him until he was out of breath.  He decided to take a screw driver out of his pocket where he had been apparently saving it for this moment!  He began to stab at the side of the stronger Caucasian who with his girlfriend had waged a verbal and hostile physical attack on him.  The bigger man finally let go and the Jamaican man ran away to his car, he said, since he was out numbered and out of breath, and drove to safety.  Interesting perception from the “other side”, isn’t it?!
I mean, I know everyone is out here to “make themselves look good”, oftentimes, try to make themselves feel better than someone else.  Then, there are still “others” with the “God-complex” … they are never wrong and “you” have to do exactly as they say!!!!!   Now, if you’ve “been around” a little, either through work or traveling, you know that many folks have “game” … something they want you to play with them!!  It might even make them feel better about … THEMSELVES!!  Imagine that as a motive for manipulating or deceiving, belittling or trying to “push other’s buttons”, so to speak?!?  And if and when “you” blow up, they say: “Look at her!” or “He’s crazy!”  I’ve been there many many times!  And when I watch people “spin their stories”, I am amazed at how corrupt someone will motivate themselves to behave and allow their spirit to behave!  I don’t enjoy that feeling of “false superiority”; so, I never play those kinds of “games”.  I enjoy just being real, remembering what I said (since it is always the same) and doing the best that I can do.
Remember, there are always two sides to ANY story … no matter who’s telling the story!  As I used to tell the students in my “Personal Development” classes I taught at City College, FTL: “It’s the way I see it; PLUS the way you see it … and then there is the way it really is!”
Be well … in peace,

John I. Cook, Director

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