Put It In Your Heart!!

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It’s Monday, All!
I am at it again!  Well, how would you like to go “Back to School” … in St. Louis, Missouri where a teen boy … unarmed … was shot in the back by a police officer who claimed he was being advanced towards and HAD to shoot … forensic science overturned this unnecessary lie ….  The officer was said to be enforcing a warrant and the kid ran …  What was in the officer’s heart at this moment?!?
A formidable topic at the onset of a new school year is “Who Am I?”  Where and do I have to “fit in”?  Can I be “myself”?  What are my goals for this year?  What is my plan or blueprint to make this happen?!  Lots of questions … enter … “The Bully”!!!  NOW what do “I”/”we” do?  A bully is  no longer just a big kid in the school that makes everyone shudder.  A bully can be a teacher … it can be a school hall monitor or custodian … shucks … they come in ALL shapes and sizes!  BOLO … “Be on the look out” is all I can say.  You  many need to put on the “armour” of your Creator to keep the “attacks” at a distance and their impact at a minimum.  Put it in YOUR heart that YOU are worth it … you deserve to be happy and think well of yourself.  Your Creator would ONLY want you to enjoy the gift of YOUR life.  Don’t let anybody take it away … Put it in your heart!
Now, at this point in the article, perhaps, if I have your attention, keep in  mind that you can let me know if you want to be removed from this list of e-mail recipients.  Most folks write me back to say keep them on the list.  I thank you; yet want to be sensitive to those with “thin skin” that may find my comments in these writings offensive; or those who simply don’t want to receive them!  I am one who is well versed in “putting it in my heart”, which is where these writings come from.  It’s a place that I safe guard and nourish as best I can.  So, I say this to the students on the “Back to School” portion of their journeys.  I remember them well … both as a student … and a teacher.  Those were some seriously formative years.  I thank my Creator and my parents for putting that discipline, self-analysis “stuff” in my head … They provided the environment that made me aware of things that I was privileged to experience … like a boarding school and an Ivy League University.  So, now … I don’t think I am better than anyone … everyone has their place along this “journey” of my life.  But …. definitely don’t try that “I am better than you!” trip on me either!!  I say the same to the kids going back to school because it’s important for ones self-esteem development.  No hostile energies allowed!!
So, keep in mind, on this first day of school … Put it in your heart …. whoever you are … wherever you are in life … and nurture it!
John I. Cook, Director

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