What Rules “YOUR” World?!?



It’s Friday … What do you have to say for yourself!???  Try a simple: “T.G.I.F.!”

Yes, yes … I am asking a very serious question that most people don’t even want to hear … let alone answer honestly!!  We all have been socialized into the “Western culture”, if you will.  Our country is based on principals of “natural law”, democracy …. “liberty and justice for all!”  So … what happened?  I know, I know … I am about to open a can of worms.  But don’t worry, I’ve thought it through and am open for commentaries on what I think … Or, you could just state what YOU think!!  It is a pattern of behaviour that folks have to get one to “divert the eye” a bit so as NOT to see … the TRUTH!

I wanted to study psychology at Princeton … but ended up in social psychology courses and even more sociology courses.  I thought that psychology might answer why people “do what they do” …. like kill/assassinate the President of the United States … as “they” did John F. Kennedy.  I know he had affairs … and so did Thomas Jefferson.  Jefferson had children with his “slave” whom he treated very well as she was specifically relegated to serving guests in “The Big House”.  Yet, we have him on a $50 bill and he was indeed the POTUS during some very tough political times in America.  Hopefully, we can remember that this country was started as a “joint stock company” designed to maximize investments.  And we’ve been on the same course for almost 500 years!!!  Education WAS designed to make it possible for citizens to achieve the “American dream” … little house with a white picket fence … until that image got “old”.  Soon our values “warped” allowing for legal competition to maximize ones income … sometimes by twisting or manipulating the law.  Ask Donald Trump who brags how rich he is probably hourly.  He doesn’t even care that he talks about people who “served this country” defending those freedoms that we started out embracing.  Now, all of that has been replaced with a man who manipulated the system, bought and sold “friends” and is now running for president with no political experience!!!

Now, people want to get as much money, property and material possessions as they can during their lifetime … and, our society has convinced many of us that this is the goal of YOUR life … MY life, too!  Studying Sociology answered some of my questions like, “Why would someone kill the President?”  Politics and greed, control and egotistical desires … playing “God”, even!!  Have you ever noticed that people in nicer cars than yours normally do some treacherous driving … because they have a Benz or BMW?!?  We have lost our “balance of values” and things have moved to the extreme so that one could kill their parents, rob a neighbor or a bank …. kidnap someone for “money”.  People lie and cheat and sacrifice their very own families … for the love of money … and expect not to get punished for their deception of others for … money!!  Many of “us” think that is okay, too!!!  Until they get caught … it seems okay … they are heralded for their acquisition of money and property at the expense of “others”… and when they get caught, they are suddenly “sorry” ….  The analysis of inner cities where money is tight can find a variety of behaviours in the populations attempts to acquire “money” or realize some form of power … even if it means killing an innocent neighbor with a gun … a powerful act “like a God”!

For me, it seems that this pattern of behaviour has taken priority over ALL other social values … this man made thing that has come to rule our world!  What am I suggesting?  We may need to analyze the values of Western civilizations and  note where we can establish a balance, change the priorities, maybe even re-vamp ALL of our systems … from educational values to social values and interject some most important values that seem to be missing … like truth and honesty, community and cooperation.  Have a great weekend, folks!


John I. Cook, Director

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