Nurture Your Friendships

nurture friendships


Happy Hump Day, everyone!

My eyes opened, my brain started up on the things I have to do to get ready for my day.  All body parts still working fairly well … going to yoga class tonight to keep life’s “flow” going … that’s how I see it.  If it doesn’t work for you, please don’t do it.  But do … please do this … nurture your friendships.  Friendships .. true ones … are living entities like anything else on this planet … we just can’t “see” it as we have become accustomed to see things through our over developed sense of touch and smell, tasting and holding in our hands or arms …. One can not do that so easily with “friendship” because it is an intangible thing.  What am I  talking about?  Well, you asked … maybe you didn’t … but I’m going to tell you anyway!
Friendship is that thing you gravitate towards when “one” has bumped against a very hard, seemingly immovable situation … that person, that “group” or gathering of yogis or jazz aficionados … or “fisherman” or golfers, maybe lovers of ballet!!  Go be a part of it is the only logical answer I see.  You folks are like “that” for me, and it’s a thing I believe in … reaching out with whatever you got that’s “good”!  No, we won’t play with the definition of good for a “nano” second!  That’s just starts a “game” that one shouldn’t play with “ones” life … a gift from your “creator” ( and don’t tell me you did this sh@t yourself!) that is a miracle … and we each have got to understand ourselves and this journey … and not just bumble along!  Just sayin’ …
This writing is ultimately a tribute to “good friends” … The DeRousea Family.  Many of their friends and extended family share the loss … but as you can imagine if you understand humans …. real good ones … the core of their family feel the loss of Mrs. Dora the most … Yvonne, Paul, Jo Anne and Gordon and their mates or husbands or wives and their children and their children’s significant others.  Keep in mind that friendships are much like anything else you love … you have to nurture it.  Sometimes, humans value “things” like cars or houses more than they value friendships.  Others value their pets oftentimes more than other “humans”.  Of course, the choice is each of ours individually.
Peace be with you,

John I. Cook, Director

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