“Compassion Brings Inner Strength” – The Dalai Lama

dalai lama's compassion


Monday Monday …  Many “back to school” programs this past weekend for public school students in the Southern States, y’all!

How are you feeling about that?  I hope you’re okay … because it’s going to happen anyway!  Have you ever experienced that feeling of helplessness when you were “tagging along” and something really awful was about to happen but you had no input into deterring the situation?!?  Then, CRASH!!!  Perhaps it was a car accident … or the death of a loved one …
One of the most passionate crusaders for “civil rights” in this country passed away on Saturday – Mr. Julian Bond.  I always wanted to say this because over the years, I have noticed a trend amongst fairer skinned African Americans who could “pass” for white; Julian was one who fought harder for “other” African Americans in this country.  When I listen to some of these candidates running for the highest office in this country, I hear some heartbreaking comments … Jeb Bush talking about “building trust” and constantly criticizing the POTUS for withdrawing troops wherever he could … and in the next breath, he talks about how much Ronald Reagan fought for “world peace”.  Trump talked about how politicians are “selling this country down the tubes”; what do you think HE would do with this country if he were “the Commander in Chief”?!?  Maybe … sell the whole darn country for a personal profit!!  Julian Bond would be a far better candidate for POTUS than anyone currently running.
After the World Peace Meditation held by the Brahma Kumaris Hollywood, I got home in time to catch a segment on “60 Minutes” focusing on the construction of an African American  Museum originally signed into an Act of Congress in like the 1920’s … but was never funded.  Well, back in 2003, Bush signed another bill providing for a budget of $200 million dollars, which has been matched by the museum’s developer at the Smithsonian, Lonnie Bunch, who raised another $200 million dollars. It is scheduled to include artifacts like a violin played by a slave boy who entertained the plantation owner’s guest with it.  As well, the Bible of Nat Turner, which was taken from him before his execution, is one artifact tied to his “infamous” rebellion where he planned to murder slave owners, has been recovered and is to be placed in the Museum.  Even one of the airplanes from the Tuskegee Airman … the last one that escorted bombers over Germany to bring a victory for the USA and the Allied Forces during World War II … is scheduled to be placed in the  museum as well.
Do you have compassion?  Do you believe in it?  What is it worth to you?  One of the greatest spiritual thinkers of our time, the Dalai Lama, states that compassion brings inner strength … believe it … or not!  Most people believe that slick, deceptive and quick thinking and wise talking is more important than inner strength, if “they” value that at ALL in the first place!  I can hear some people saying that “compassion is for punks”, perhaps, rather than it brings inner strength.  This is something one may have to think about for a while to understand the true nature of the concept.
Peace … and compassion!
John I. Cook, Director

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