“We Can Do This . . .”

take my hand

It’s Friday!!! Can somebody say, “T.G.I.F.”!!!!
Yes sir … and ma’am … it’s another weekend at hand.  I always try to at least go to the gym, like I did last night to lift, as it helps keep the “cobwebs” out of my thoughts!  I do remember the saying, “You are what you think!”  In many ways, that is true for me.  Now, I catch myself sometimes and breathe deeper or give a moment of self talk … even the “Serenity Prayer” .. when there’s too much “chatter” goin’ on inside my head!!  “Sometimes I wonder how I keep from going under!”, as the lyrics of a popular classic rap song goes!!  I  think of friends and opportunities and the kindnesses they show.  I try to meet challenges with my chin up, so to speak, and go in looking for the best … positive outcomes.  Sometimes, I admit, it is hard!  I have to tell myself, “We can do this!”
Last night, I was watching Channel 7 WSVN News in South Florida and saw a video tape of a police officer, African American, handcuff and put another African American male into the back seat of his cruiser.  It appeared that a woman standing nearby videotaped the encounter on her cell phone.  It seemed that the guy, I remind you, not resisting, already handcuffed and seated in the back seat of the police cruiser not making any resistance, asked the officer: “Why are you arresting me anyway?”  The officer purportedly answered, “Why do you have to act like that?” At that moment, the officer knelt into the back seat of the cruiser and delivered an audible upper cut to the handcuffed suspect’s jaw!!  Then, the officer of Miami Beach climbed into the back seat of his cruiser and got on TOP of the suspect delivering multiple blows!!  A spokesperson for the Fraternal Order of Police stated something to the effect: “Once everything is reviewed and all the information is gathered and analyzed, it will be shown that the officer did exactly as he should have to protect our community.”  The officer has been stripped of his badge and gun and relieved of duty pending an internal affairs investigation being seriously conducted by the Internal Affairs Division of the Miami Beach Police Department.  The victim/suspect had no comment when released from jail and has retained a lawyer.
I don’t face that, though it got close one time.  I travel in slightly different circles, I assume, though that, too, was close once or twice!  Most African American men have had some “brush” with the law unless well insulated by their circles of friends “a la” Michael Jordan or Floyd Mayweather …  maybe even Hillary and Bill Clinton!  Often, the consequences of those “brushes” can have a long lasting affect and be used as an escape when necessary!
So, thank you guys … I heard before mid-night last night that my good friends’ mother and personal family friend – Mrs. Dora DeRouseau – passed away in Atlanta.  Her oldest daughter and son-in-law, Yvonne and Bruce, have been there for her … Wishing them well … including Gordon, Joanne and the many many family members, friends and relatives.  Peace be with you …
In hopes of having a quiet yet active weekend with the H.E.R.O. Organization’s Back to School Program at the Lauderdale Lakes Library on Oakland Park Blvd which takes place Saturday from 10am to 2pm.  Sunday, the Hollywood Meditation Group of the Brahma Kumaris sponsor the monthly World Peace Meditation at Young Circle’s “ArtPark” starting at 6pm.  Wishing each of you the peace of the universe.  We can do this … one spirit at a time!
Be well,

John I. Cook, Director

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