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It’s Wednesday … it’s “Hump Day” again, right!!  Mid-week and everything … I am feeling like giving thanks for friends like you all … readers even!!  Thanks for hanging with me … “I ain’t dead yet!!” … and neither are “youse”!  In fact I am grateful that I am still around!  We all must go … you know …
One of my good friends is facing a challenge, perhaps, the loss of a parent … I’ve been there … twice …. neither time was easy … peace be still.  So, I am sending out some loving vibrations to a family with whom I grew up with in the Winbrook Projects, played and had barbecues and cook outs together … my dad hunted with their dad … both families had siblings around the same age …  I had my first wedding reception at their home in Elmsford, NY.  Hey … just know that I love you guys … like family.  You know who you are … just sharing our story.
Well, Ayanna … my only offspring … has decided to move back up “North” … as things didn’t move fast enough for her here.  Funny thing, of course, life has “jokes” too … When she got back up to Connecticut, she had gotten two calls for interviews here in Florida!  Of course even funnier … she had two interviews yesterday in Connecticut.  Wished her luck … and peace!
So this weekend is an event that I have yet to attend in Atlanta, and that is the “White Plains ReUnion of ATL”!  Some good friends, Darryl and Kevin Jenkins both from 33 Fisher Ave. in the Winbrook usually organize it, though Kevin gets the credit for starting this annual event!!  There are so many folks in Atlanta from our hometown of White Plains … then there are those who TRAVEL there from different locations … John Young from Daytona Beach or my sister Edna from “The Port”, maybe even “Judy” who traveled like others from White Plains to enjoy previous weekend festivities.   It is this weekend, so ….. Y’all enjoy the weekend when you get to the ATL.  For the rest of us, do what we can … to make this journey last!  Always remember your loved ones … They become our guardian angels!

John I. Cook, Director

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