RIP, Michael Brown … Be Bold, Barack Obama!



It’s Monday!!

Some points in human history being made.  I watched a segment on  “60 Minutes” on The World Food Bank first started by Pres. Eisenhower to try to make sure that no one dies ” … from not being able to get food to eat …” also known as starvation on an abundant Earth!!  Incredible when we think of our first world problems what some human beings face on the same planet we ALL live on.
I don’t know how I feel about guns anymore … I have used one in the past … I wanted to make a point … not to touch me unless I touch you … And, definitely don’t try to kill me when “you” touch me!  I don’t take too kindly to that!  And the reason has to be good … and correct …  A young kid – 10 years old – with another dream to go pro in the NBA named “Marlon” was shot and killed a few months ago.  He was playing with a basketball with friends in front of his humble home in Miami’s Liberty City … and “bang!bang!bang!”  Marlon was shot dead in the head!!  The kid who did the shooting … and it was a kid of 14 years of age … has been arrested.  Where are these “kids” getting these guns?!?  I don’t know what I feel about guns anymore …
Yesterday was the anniversary … “One year … And nothing’s changed!” read a hand painted sign in Ferguson!  Many people visibly returned to the scene where the white officer shot an unarmed Brown after a struggle.  Fast forward to the University of Cincinnati with the fatal shooting of Mr. DuBose there for … not having a license plate on the front of his car, not stepping out of his car as Officer Tensing attempted to open the door of the unarmed African American man.  Rewind a bit to the young lady in Texas who was stopped, threatened to be tased unless she got out of her car by a State Trooper who then took her OUT of the view of his dashcam, and was NOT wearing a body cam, and did ONLY God’s knows what to that young woman, Sandra Bland … probably drove her to feel helpless and violated … and worthless … suicidal even.
President Barack Obama continues “working” during his last months in office, making some serious changes in international affairs.  He’s made some major historical decisions, and, according to him … and I believe him … folks are against his “Iran Proposal” because they ” … haven’t read the full content …”.  As I listened to him speaking and answer questions on CNN Sunday, it is clear that he includes measures in which if Iran doesn’t follow the bills guidelines, the USA has promised to attack Iran for non-compliance.  It is true … whether we like it or not … this POTUS is making some major and important changes in our foreign policy.  In my opinion, he has been more outspoken than ANY president on the continued presence of racial profiling, prejudice and unequal treatment of African Americans by law enforcement, as indicated by Federal reports of Ferguson … to New York … to the horrific killing of Tamir Rice, peace be still … to the assassination of Mr. DuBose by University of Cincinnati police officer now in jail for murder!
Give a peace a chance … hard as it is …

John I. Cook, Director

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