Let’s Get “Real” About This!

Let's Get Real

Happy Friday, All!

And a one,  a two … a one two three four!!! T.G.I.F.!!
First of all, I want to thank those of you who read these e-mails, and, a special shout out to those who sent me a reply to Wednesday’s e-mail highlighting “I Am Glad I Lived to See It!”  Roz Reich, my friend of the Brahma Kumaris here in Hollywood; James Bailey, with whom I grew up with in the “PJ’s”, now on various “special assignments” world-wide; and, VeTalle Fusilier, college chum and long time friend, author and activist sent some great comments.  They are the following:
“Yes we have lived to see many things that we thought could and would never come to pass. The thing that amaze me is the pace of change in the world. If one is not careful one might miss the possibility of eradication of cancer in our lifetime, the pace of robotic intervention into our lives and the birth of nations coming out from under the cloak of colonialism and repression and take their rightful place on the world stage.
 Lastly, there is no better example of scholarship, effective civics and leadership than is embodied in the president of the United States Republic of America. Our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will know that there once was a man who ascended to the ultimate pinnacle of power and bested the best of them!”    – James Bailey
Ask any actor and they will tell you that timing is vital to the performance of a good play.  It’s one thing to know the role to play but it’s another to play it in the right way at the right time.  Only experience grows this ability.
When we see the world as a stage we automatically start to learn a new craft.   Over time all great actors develop many ‘stage skills’.  We often quietly admire the older and wiser actors amongst us on the stage of life around us, when we see how ‘crafty’ they can be.  We too have this opportunity to learn the same craft.  Each day we walk on to the stage of life and play our part in the drama of life.  Each day is both a performance and a rehearsal.  Each scene is a workshop and a canvas upon which we can create and leave something beautiful or something not so beautiful!  And as we do, we receive a reflection of our creative contribution in the mirror of our relationships.  And as we do we will know by how we feel whether we are ‘playing life’ or just surviving life.
Keep Up the Good Work…knowing we have the BEST DIRECTOR EVER!    – Roz Reich
“Glad to see an Ivy school like Princeton admit a bunch of young black males from all walks who lived their blackness like a mission and stood out form the normal Negroes who matriculated there, and are legendary for who they were and how they rolled.  radio air wave controllers, building takeover artists, good time geniuses.”        – VeTalle Fusilier
Okay … this is me again!  So, I would rather focus on something positive today … this weekend.  I am knowledgeable about the University Police in Cincinnati … another travesty … can I say .. One woman interviewed stated: “Gosh!! It’s like the same thing … over and over …”  How many more words do we need to describe this plethora of killings of unarmed African American  men, irregardless  of the “justification” element should there be a need for one …  The numbers … quantity … demographics … situations … all showing similar characteristics of profiling as we know it … and killings as we’ve seen in the past 5 years, more or less.
I admire the family of Mr. DuBose who called him “Peaceful” as they asked that no violence be displayed in relation to his death.  I don’t think it would be easy to face this with such “bravery” … for lack of another word … and still come out of it feeling “positive”.  I know when things get difficult for me … nothing in comparison with the Tensing assassination of Mr. DuBose (and this was not the first time that Tensing murdered a man) … who mere resisted … again as it happened in Texas … an officer’s attempt to open their car door … I can only think and do positive things.  I think I’ve tried enough of the negative things, speaking for myself.  I may have even tried some “not so negative” things, too!  But I’ve come to enjoy participating in the positive things.  So, moving forward with the spirit of Samuel DuBose in our hearts … should you decide to embrace it, enjoy this weekend.  A Full “Blue” Moon would make anything nice.
The Urban League of Broward County is doing it in style hosting the National Urban League and a nice panel of candidates for both parties that are seeking their parties nominations …including Hilary and Jeb and Dr. Ben Carson.  Some very nice things going on … from beach walks with the national president, Marc Morial, to workshops and job fairs at the Convention Center.
Be well, stay positive!
John I. Cook, Director

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