I Am Glad That I Lived to See It!

everything happens for a reason


Yes, yes, yes!!!  It’s Hump Day, yeaahhh!

What am I so happy about?!  I lived to see it!!!  Silly … yet practical.  Any of us could go at any time!  Of course, I suspect I have more time, though I don’t take a moment for granted.  I try to make sense of each moment though I count a lot on my natural flow.  I don’t think through everything though I don’t miss a “beat”.  I pick and choose what I’ll think about, contemplate, maybe figure it out, which I like to do … or NOT!
Okay, so I hope that I don’t offend anyone, just speaking my thoughts as most of us do!!  So, I am glad that I lived to see an African American male president of this country.   Not just anyone, someone who “started from the bottom now he’s here!”, if you know his story.  He was a humble yet proud young man … “Barry” … now … he’s serving the second term as the POTUS!  Yes, indeedy … glad to be alive to see it!  No matter who “likes” him or not, this is a man, Barack H. Obama, who doesn’t serve because someone “likes” him, he serves because he is a dedicated professional and president of “the people”!  Most people miss that whole point … as if Mitt Romney would have sought the “best” for “the people”!  Get a grip on “your” greed if you think a Trump or Romney would run this country with the people in mind.
Now, as sad as it is, I am glad that I lived to see Bill Cosby’s “cover blown”!  I mean, I used to like and admire that man.  I admire him more for his acting skills because what he did when not on “stage” was horrifying!  I am glad that I lived to see someone whom I thought was “bullet proof” be exposed … and in fact … is riddled with “shots” at him … as a person!  The women called him “a monster”.  Glad I lived to see Bin Laden “go down” and glad to have witnessed the “life and times” of people like Maya Angelou and Martin Luther King, Jr, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela … peace be still!
What about you?  Any thoughts?  Feel free to hit me up!

John I. Cook, Director

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