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Baby Darth Veda

Happy Monday, All!
Yes, yes … I am at it again!  Just trying to make sense of this journey as it unfolds.  Anyone care to join me?!
Today’s message will be somewhat simple, short and sweet … and a theme Educational Excellence has touched on in the past.  It has to do with “a father’s approval”.  It’s a tough subject, since there are no courses on how to be a “good father”.  We have to kind of take what we get, right?!  And if we are not “given” a father that we can relate to … or who wants to relate to “us” … we have to kind of go out and find that “father figure”, if you know what I mean.
I got this idea from Joel Osteen’s televised service yesterday.  It was impacting enough for me … personally … that I wanted to revisit it again … personally.  Are you still with me?  Now Osteen was talking about how important it is for a youngster to get her/his father’s approval … maybe just kind words of support.  We all have different circumstances either as “that child” or “that father”.  It is our job, most of the time, to figure things out.  My father, for example, used to talk in darn near parables when he tried to explain something.  I was the kind of “child” that often wanted to ask “why” when he told me something.  Yet, after a few “whippings” for not obeying his instructions, I lost the desire to ask him “why”!!  Now, I was fortunate enough to have other “men” in my life whom I could confide in … maybe ask a question or two … and men who took an interest in me because they could “see something” in me.  One such person was Cary Smith, my physical education instructor in “junior high school” as well as our football coach for our 9th grade team at Highlands Jr. High School.  We remained friends for years, though I have lost contact with him now.  Another person I encountered during my “formative years” was someone I’ve talked about often.  That is Maurice Blake, athletic director and football coach at St. Paul’s School.  We are still in touch … peace be still.
Osteen was basically saying that a father’s approval is important so that “his children” don’t go looking to strangers and/or boyfriends or “do-bad people” for approval or direction.  I’ve seen it happen, even where there is a father figure available in the home, and the “child” decided to go look elsewhere for a variety of reasons.  I think my oldest sister was that way, RIP, Barbara Ann.  So, I am just revisiting this “message” about “a father’s approval” because there are so many young people “out there” that I love and seek to nurture, in any way I can, if only showing that some “men” can be trusted enough to serve as a “surrogate” father … or just someone to look up to … care about … or share kind words of encouragement.  So, in looking at the world’s events and holding on to the hope that this new generation can help turn things around … for the better … I offer up this theme for all of us … whoever we are!
Have a great week!


John I. Cook, Director

Educational Excellence

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