An Excellent Case for the Body Cam . . . (Among other things …)

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Happy Friday all!

I’m about to say it … wait … wait … as “Ernesto” the yoga teacher who has us hold a pose until he says “let go” … NOW!!   T.G.I.F.!!
Oh man, y’all!  Did I ever tell you how therapeutic writing is for me?!?  Ooooo … weee!  I always think back to the first poem I wrote … I was at St. Paul’s School as a 4th Former (high school sophomore) and wondering what on Earth I was doing there.  Trying to make sense of it all was too much for an “impressionable young teen”!  There were a few of us … maybe 20 -25 at first … “minority students” as we were called.  I wrote a few poems while I was there!!  I fell in love with writing.  Now, the good thing for me is … as one guy said when he read my blog maybe a year or more ago, complaining about “sentence fragments, misspelled words and run on sentences”, I may not be the best writer, but I get my point across … me thinks!  And … on a slightly more humble note … that’s why I always thank y’all for reading … and mention the “opt out” option to send me a “STOP”.
No … this is not a rant though it might look like one for a minute.  It’s just that I have a serious problem with a man … who likes to put “his hands” on a woman … in some attempt to dominate or dehumanize “her” … any woman/female!!  Now this Sandra Bland story “takes the cake”!!  So many lessons for “society” to learn … some enforced, like trooper policies … to those lessons that one can only speculate on … why someone would hang themselves after one night in jail …. peace be still …
So, I watched the video … it hit me like “Roots” … only … this wasn’t a movie!!!  You know, I have a simple suggestion.  Watch the video.  The young lady was well spoken and knew her rights.  She didn’t have to put her cigarette out nor get out of the car.  One can see the trooper “pushing buttons”, and, when he didn’t get off on his “power trip” with this young black woman, he took his taser out after attempting to pull her out of her car … for … for … changing lanes without signaling?!?  Like Sandra Bland said: “Are you f-cking kidding me!!??”  Yes, she had tried to commit suicide before.  This trooper stated vehemently his lack of concern for anything she had to say once she “pushed HIS button” and he forced her face down into the ground while already handcuffed, placing his knees in the crease of her back!!  She told him: “You are smashing my face into the ground and I have epilepsy?!!  Do you feel more like a man now?!?”  The trooper’s response to the “head smashing” comment and epilepsy was: “Good!!! Good!!”  His sickness overflowed as he wrestled a 28 year old woman on the ground … out of view of his own “dash cam” … because she changed lanes without signaling.
No, Sandra Bland didn’t like the treatment this “animal” gave her.  She was already at the “edge”, so to speak, after losing her baby last year … and attempting an overdose of sleeping pills.  A theme I mentioned last week was just this: “You never know what challenges another person is facing.  So be kind to them … don’t judge them, don’t mistreat them.”  All this trooper had to do was follow policies, which he violated over and over.  She asked over and over: “Why are you arresting me??”  For over 15 minutes, while touching her all over, he had no answer.  (At one point, I thought I heard Sandra say: “What? You think that’s a gun??  That’s a tampon!)  Then, dumbfounded, he comes out of his mouth with the classic gem for an ignorant officer looking for excuses: “I am arresting you for resisting arrest!”  Wt@!!!!
This is a classic example of why we need to get ALL law enforcement officers equipped with “body cams” NOW to protect the citizens they are supposed to be protecting.  Another “oxy moron”, heh?!!
Peace Be With Each of You!

John I. Cook, Director

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