Hurting People “Hurt” People

heal the hurting


It’s Monday again!

Here we go again.  Sometimes, routine can yield great results.  Other situations may require one to change quickly, make decisions on the spur of the moment and be prepared to start all over again.  So, that means we must learn which situation requires a certain type of handling and action.  Things don’t get easy as we mature and try to stay on a positive course in our lives.  Economies get tight, fear and anger set in … and what I do … is try to get it “out” as soon as I recognize it has gotten “my attention”.  There are some days that “I be goin’ through them changes!”  I have to stretch and breathe, meditate and  practice yoga to get a “grip on my faculties” again.  I have found that some physical activity, like lifting weights too, help a lot.
Just yesterday I heard a “sermon” from a televangelist that spoke about anger and reconciliation, pain and how people wonder if “I” want to be right or if “I” want to reconcile.  Depending on how close a relationship one may have with “the other”, one’s decision may vary.  In certain moments for “certain people”, it is more important to “be right” … even if they are “wrong”!   Clearly reconciliation is NOT the goal of an individual who only wants “to be right” and the relationship will probably suffer and be lost.  The televangelist commented something that many of us find difficult to do … be the first to re-establish communications … say something friendly … and listen.  Controlling people will not relinquish that “control” concept for their own fear of losing the upper hand, so to speak, which is also a figment of “ones” imagination.  How “high” do you really have to be to have “the upper hand”??!!  Donald Trump thinks he has it!!!
Finally, after another young member of the military died there in Chattanooga, TN after being shot by this “lone gunman”, it comes out that the shooter was “depressed” and had struggled with it much of his life, according to his parents!  Like in so many other “mass shooting” events that we’ve witnessed over the past ten years or so, the “shooter” had a history of mental illness.  Yet, no one seemed to know enough to tell somebody who could intervene professionally BEFORE this event took place … on the heels of the church killings in Charleston, SC.  As the title suggests, and our lives today manifest, “hurting people hurt OTHER people”!  Maybe there should be some courses included in school curriculum on meditation and spirituality … We need to do something EXTRA to help these hurting people ….
John I. Cook, Director

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