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It’s Hump Day, Y’all!

What’s it mean to you?!?  Just another day, hey …  But “you” won’t take it for granted, will you?  What does each day mean?  Is it special?  Do you think that “you” have unlimited days as opposed to someone else … like … me, for example??  In other words, do you believe that your “days are numbered”?
I mean, I just celebrated a birthday on Monday and it meant a lot to me!!  It meant “the world” TO ME!!  Now, I happen to be fortunate enough to have genuine friends … most of them, I believe.  Many of you are amongst them.  And I don’t judge who likes or who doesn’t like me … here are those words again … “like” and “love” … both often used inappropriately or with a particular goal in its “meaning”!  The only thing I might ever want to know about someone who doesn’t “like” me is … why?  And someone may have a very good reason!!!  I know, things can get complicated sometimes in my own “head”, so, I could imagine what “others” may go through … especially those who walk amongst us thinking that they are “perfect”, which we all know by now is the biggest “untruth”!!
So, in my “not-so-perfect” state, I had a perfect birthday!  It was simple for me especially since it was a Monday and I was at work.  Yet, all of the “Birthday Wishes” that flowed from social media to me, texts and e-mails even, took a couple of days to answer!  So many fine folks … from friends of my older brother Hank and my sisters to former students of mine from White Plains High School, even friends from “overseas”!  It was so beautiful to see folks take just a few seconds of their day to send such warm wishes my way!!!  I was truly touched, and I feel really really special … “loved” even!!  There is a woman I met in yoga class at L A Fitness nearly two years ago whose husband, Dave, is from White Plains.  She has a heart of gold.  Elaine Hill brought a huge slice of Tuxedo Mousse cake to class in a freezer bag with a bottle of ice water to keep it cold!  She said, “I bought this to class for you hoping you would be here!”  I was … how perfect is that.  You see, friendships don’t have to be perfect … neither do we!  But friendships should be sincere … encouraging and uplifting even.  That was something that My Creator showed me through the likes and loves of others … on  my birthday.
Still, I don’t want to bore “un-like” minded folks with my “positivity” and “peacefulness”.  So, I often ask if you would like to be removed from the e-mails I send 3 times a week, and you can just let me know.  Educational Excellence and me are a “spiritual service” that some folks may feel that they don’t want or need.  For others who understand “the higher order”, by now, you know I just share my heart!  Thank you, ALL.
Have a wonderful Wednesday and a fantastic rest of the week!

John I. Cook, Director

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