” . . . And Before You Know It . . . Pouff!”



It’s Monday!

What do you all say about today?!?  Well, for me, it’s a pretty special day … my birthday!  Now, while it might seem like I enjoy attention, the more I “mature” … the less attention I like being paid to my age … even to myself!!  I don’t often think about it but try to keep myself “busy” in a positive way, if you know what I mean.
So, Sunday was rather peaceful and reflective mainly since Friday and Saturday night out downtown Fort Lauderdale, I kept things low key!  No late night/early morning occurrences as I began celebrating my birthday, which is today, this past weekend.  Nothing else seriously planned though I got an invitation from “Club Hooters” to get free boneless wings for my birthday!  I’ll be at yoga tonight.  I’ve been keeping my ears and eyes open for “birthday specials”!  I called my friend Jimmie “Ray Ray” Campbell yesterday whose birthday was last Thursday to wish him a happy belated birthday.  He and his wife and daughter were in Maryland visiting their son, Jamal, who just got married to a young lady from Kenya.  He is working as a case manager in the DC/Maryland area and has served as an officer in overseas activities for the military.  So, his wife, Pearl, told me that she and Rasheeda took “Ray” out to Red Lobster in Maryland.  Rasheeda had visited St. John’s in New York, the college she will be attending in the Fall and they then came further South to Maryland.  Ray tells me that he is getting “burned out” with all the restaurants!  I told him in my non-jealous voice: “Hey, you’re on vacation, right?!?  Enjoy the restaurants!!”  We both laughed.
I thought for a moment how nice that would be for my birthday … had to cut that thought down to seconds … then I suddenly thought of my mother!!  Just out of the blue … the thought came: “But who did all the work on MY birthday?”  And the answer followed: “My Mother!”  Keeping it simple … even on my birthday.  Grateful for it even.  There were times that I wasn’t sure if I was “going to make it” though I can’t say that I know what death looks like … I did see it going by once or twice!  Grateful, I say today … just to be alive … and … reasonably sane.  Not rich nor famous … but “free” and alive.
Many many thanks,
John I. Cook, Director

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