The “Half-Way” Mark

half way point


Happy Hump Day, All!

Yeah, life is continuing to unfold, whether we like it or not.  So … why not like it?!
Growing up was so much fun for me.  As always, I give a lot of credit to my parents.  Remember, I was the youngest of four so I was often “too young” to understand but always liked to be in the midst of things!  My brother Hank, who’s burial site I pass every morning on the way to work off Sunrise Blvd. in the FTL, can testify how I was always doing head stands in the hallway of our tiny apartment in the Winbrook Projects.  When I fell, once, my father thought someone had “hurt” me.  I was crying like a baby and Hank looked on in horror, knowing that my father would blame him first!!!  I was always trying to be a “big boy” even though I was like a “little chump”.  Once I got into elementary school at Rochambeau on Fisher Avenue in White Plains before our schools voluntarily desegregated in White Plains, I got into a few fist fights …  I always wanted to be “the best” but I never like fighting.  For me, it was a last resort … when “others” were clearly trying to take advantage of me or the situation or when “others” were just bullies!!
So, sports became a big part of my life growing up.  If there was a relay foot race in the PJ’s, I wanted to be in it.  If there was a kickball game, I wanted to play.  Shucks … if there was a marble game, which we played on the side of South Lexington Ave. just next to the parked cars on the street and in the dirt just up from the curb, I wanted to play, too!  Yet, my favorite sports were track and field … just running – not the most avid jumper … and basketball!  My brother Hank showed me how to play … to dribble, to do a lay up, even a jump shot!  I enjoyed all kinds of sports though I liked to play some more than others … like kick ball!  There was something about kicking that red rubber ball from a good “pitcher” and watching it sail into the “outfield” and hoping no one could catch it!!  So much fun!!
Most contests or sporting events have a “half-time”, and so we have arrived at the Half-Way Mark of 2015.  Today is July 1st.  Now, I have a good friend, Frank Jones whose birthday is tomorrow, if I am not mistaken.  My dad’s birthday is the 4th, another good friend James “Ray Ray” Campbell’s birthday is the 9th … and mine is on the 13th!  “Summer Babies” are H.O.T.  … in one way or another!  So, take a minute folks, as this is the half-time of your year, to regroup, re-strategize even!  I know, I just made up a word “re-strategize” but it hits the mark!!  I’ve got more “tightening up” to do … some projects have taken back seat to more pressing issues.  Yet, I am well aware, and continue to mark time, that this is the half-way mark of 2015.  How about you?!?
Well, as we approach the 4th of July, our nation’s “birthday”, keep in mind that we are all pretty much in this struggle together.  Why not make it as much fun as possible!!  Be safe, too!  Be alert!

John I. Cook, Director


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