“Fatherly Feelings”

the meaning of children


It’s Wednesday … aka “Hump Day”, Baby!
Yes, many of us “gents”, at least those whom I spoke to or communicated with, had a splendid and unique Father’s Day.  Each of us are different and each of us certainly deals with different circumstances.  Needless to say, many of our fathers were as different as we are … one from another.  But right about now … just for today … I want to say that though “men” in general and “fathers” (especially the simply biological type) usually get a “bad rap”, our roles are very important.  Now I do know some gents that I could ONLY imagine being the best of “dads”, something I admire a lot amongst the dads in that group of “former students” and friends of mine from White Plains High School and White Plains!  People whom I’ve become friends with that were students of mine have some of the most beautiful families, something I can say that I personally haven’t been as accomplished in over the long term.  So, I just want all the guys to know that I admire and respect youse “guys” for holding down your role in one of the most important institutions in ANY society.
My Dad was a guy that worked really hard, liked to smoke a pipe and cigars and have sit down meals at our humble table in The Winbrook Projects … 135 South Lexington Ave.  Apt 5A.  He liked to hunt deer during the winter and go watch the Mets play baseball during the summer.  He knew a lot about cars since he worked in several garages in the White Plains/Greenburgh area before landing a job with Pinkerton Detective Agency and even volunteering as an auxiliary police officer in the City of White Plains.  He was a good dad … serious as “Cancer” with a birthday on the “4th of July” to go with it!!  My birthday is just a week and two days after his!!  We and many many others … are “summer babies”!!  He was a good role model for me as he had had enough time to get “the father thing” down with the help of my mother and 3 kids … two girls and a boy … me not included.  My mother had mentioned some challenges that my father had when it came to helping me and my “limited skills” at being a father.  The way I see it, since I only fathered one child, I didn’t have enough time “practising” to be a father … that’s all!!  There were some tough times for me and the family I had tried to create … and there still are some challenging times … trust me!  Yet, for others I’ve met in my life, I have been an important part of their lives … younger people in general.  I was elated to get so many “Father’s Day” well wishes.
So, here’s a little informal, after the fact, “I ain’t talkin’ bout you behind yo’ back” shout out to all the guys I know who are dads … and good ones at that.  Don’t be too hard on yourself … I know I ain’t … ’cause I’ve done the best that I can do … and then some!  When I browsed the social network(s) and see the many photos of dads with their kids … and … like I mentioned before … lots of women who play that dual role “rock” that role, I am appreciative!  Be sure to keep those “fatherly feelings” because it is an important role that, in this day and time, with so many continued episodes in our society demonstrating the importance of a “father” in our families … of all races!
John I. Cook, Director

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