Take A Good Look at YOUR self!


Happy Monday, All!

Well, I don’t know about you all but I’ve had one emotional week … weekend … Father’s Day and International Day of Yoga … and a World Peace Meditation with my friends from the Brahma Kumaris.  The event that was held in Young Circle’s ArtsPark at 6PM yesterday was  helpful for me to put the things that have happened in our world and my world as well in the proper perspective for me.  In lay men’s terms, yesterday, the first day of summer, the Earth was the closest to the Sun as it has been this year.  Energy levels are at an all time high … it seems.  I know it was very warm outside … but I like it … I just think about all the days and nights I spent in freezing temperatures and snow!!!!  I am suddenly cured of complaining about the heat and humidity.  I just wanted to mention that … there were a few times that I actually had uncontrollable tears form in my eyes since that horrible massacre in the Mother Church, Emanuel AME there in Charleston, SC this past Wednesday.  I had renewed hope for humanity when I saw the faces and expressions … yes, and tears that fell from ALL people’s eyes there in Charleston as the entire City tried to heal.  I felt much the same as I do possess that sensitive side that feels things that others may feel  …    or a close proximity of feelings thereof …  I hurt a bit, too … Just thinking of what those wonderful people must have experienced … Peace be still …
Father’s Day started quiet for me … though I got a call from Natasha Carriles, a close friend whom I often called “my adopted daughter” since she had helped me through some challenging times a while back when I first came to Ft. Lauderdale.  Her’s was the first Father’s Day call Sunday, later followed by my sister Edna.  We wished each other a Happy Day since she is one of the women who plays the dual role!  Once I got up and turned on my computer, I noted an e-mail from Ayanna Belton, my daughter from my ex-wife.  It said, “Happy Father’s Day” … that was nice of her.  So, I was up and at ’em by then!  A good friend, Adonis Hoffman, lost his mother last week … I felt a bit of his pain … or at least, understood it as I (and he mentioned this, too, in an e-mail to me) have often missed and honored my mother … as a correspondence he sent me honors his.  Peace be with you Adonis.
As I go through this place … with a smile on my face, I seek ways each day to reach out to others in a very quiet way to encourage and nurture the case for peace.  When we each take a good look at ourselves, we can notice things that we can do better.  One of the speakers yesterday who is actually from Colombia and a member of the Brahma Kumaris said something very profound, as did “Kevin”, which we already knew.  Marco said, “A hug … a touch … even a smile … or the word “hello” transfer positive, peaceful even loving energy from one person to another.”  Kevin mentioned that we all “already knew” that there is a “supreme being” … call it what you will … but the energy that makes our universe function is created by an entity far greater than ourselves.  Imagine what we can do when we tap into that “divine energy”?!  Try it sometimes, there are many ways to take a good look at oneself.  Meditation and yoga go hand and hand … breath to breath … to balance our lives and help us find … peace!
Thank each of you for reading … have a lovely week!
Om shanti … shanti … shanti,
John I. Cook, Director

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