Isn’t It The Content of Your Character That Counts Most?!?

character chart

Happy Hump Day, Y’all … ALL Y’all!

That’s what I’m talking about! … the content of ones character should “trump” all “things” … I’m just sayin’!  Our world … the one “we” made … by me I mean us “humans” … is not a world of perfection, and it (our world) too is subject to change, as are “we”.
By now, the media has thrust another “image” that they want to engrave in our minds … the image of Rachel Dolezal, the dishonest white woman who pretended to be an African American/bi-racial woman.  There are probably hundreds of versions of what she did and who she “is” as a result of it.  Don’t forget, it is important to the media that you “tilt your interpretation to ONE side” … the bad side of it!  Even her parents and little brother are jumping on the “she lacks integrity” wagon.  Let’s ignore all of the things she accomplished as the head of Seattle’s chapter, turn our heads to focus on the “evil” side and condemn this person for siding with … or better yet … wanting to BE considered African American …  In her words, “That’s what I identify with … Black people.”  Do any of you know white gals … and guys … with dreadlocks who listen to reggae music?!?  Do they lack “integrity”, too?  I know, perhaps we should “judge” her for “passing for bi-racial” so long, after suing Howard University … for being “white”!  Confused, maybe, trying to live out something in her heart?  Trying to make meaning of this life … and finding her own purpose in life?!?
Have there ever been eras in “human history” when people changed their names so as not to be recognized by “the oppressor”?  Hundreds of thousands of immigrants did this when “Coming to America” in their efforts to disguise who they were from birth to avoid the potential discrimination they might face “here” in the ” … land of the free, home of the brave …” and in “the melting pot” of the world’s cultures?!  Yet, here is someone who could pass “for black”, as outrageous as it might sound!!  Okay, I won’t go on and on trying to illustrate in words that people can choose to be who they want … and believe they are … inside.  Our world has a lot of people in it who wear masks or who have an identity that “they” weren’t born with … just sayin’!
Indeed, with other “whites” having served in leadership positions in the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), this may not come as a surprise to some.  But to WANT to be considered “black”????  Now, THAT is certainly against the “status quo” … and “you” might not be strong enough to do that!!  Just keep in mind, it IS the content of your character that is MOST important.  “Know Thyself” … Controversial enough … indeed!


John I. Cook, Director

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