Keepin’ The Peace!

peace keepers


Say whaaaat?!?!!!  T.G.I.F., y’all!

Dang!!  This week has been something of a transition not only from the recent housing move I’ve made and taking new routes to work and leavin’ earlier and … fixing grub before I go if possible, not to mention shavin’ and showering.  I know, I know.  We all go through that pretty much.  Work is good … things are changing again like hours shortened.  I am still looking for new ways of earning money as one friend informed me of some possible “after hours” work in the business he works for.  Yet, I am still juggling, looking for ways to enjoy my life simply.  A friend has invited me to a jazz concert at Nova Southeastern University Saturday, so … I’m going.  My good friend’s birthday (though he is not in the e-mail family) is also on Saturday night, so … I’m going!!
Now, before I go further, I just want to give a peace shout out to Ken Chiarito, former student from White Plains High School, and current friend who just came back from Los Angeles to visit his mother here in Plantation, FL … for the second time in a month, you may remember my comment.  Well, she passed away a few days ago … Stay strong Ken … I remember when … It’s hard but she did well bro … you and your sister, too.
I remember my youth … I wasn’t a “chump” but I was never a bully.  I did my crazy kid stuff even through boarding school but never did anything really …. really … illegal!  I am not the criminal type … very proud, but not criminal.  At St. Paul’s, I used to have a nickname – “El Diablo” – mainly because I had a beard and an Afro hairstyle … and I thought it was kind of cute.  I was tenacious on the basketball court and no “slouch” in the classroom.  While I wasn’t a ladies man, I think back on those times with a smile!!  I enjoyed life, even into my college years!!  There were a few times … I was almost like … not eating 3 meals a day!  I still studied, hung out with the best of them at concerts and sporting events … even played freshman basketball with Armond Hill and was able to graduate on time with my “work-study” package (scholarship and job) in place and not too much in a student loan.  When I taught in New York for ten years, I was able to pay it all back.  Now, I have my master’s loan looking at me all the time!!  Still, I smile … it’s a tight one, but it’s a smile!
So, at one point in my young adult life, I started calling myself “Peace-Boy” when I became aware of the new  part of my journey, again, requiring a transformation of sorts.  I humbly comply with “the universe” …. This is the way I feel best … keepin’ the peace.  As I have said before in these messages, keeping peace is something we can learn … after we “un-learn” all of the drama we’ve been conditioned to accept and taught as we seek to survive and excel in our individual journeys.

John I. Cook, Director

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