Speak Up For Yourself!

Believe Speak

Happy Hump Day, y’all!

 Shucks! I am almost ready to say “T.G.I. ….”, you all know the rest.  Hoping the week is moving along for you!
Things are interesting when you  keep moving.  I mean, if you watch, folks “set traps” for you so that you may feed into something they are feeling like issues of self-esteem and purported power “trips”.  It is a simple thing to observe when someone makes way more out of something like … being back 5 minutes late from break because one was on the phone resolving a personal issue … you can tell that they are “looking for something”.  I mean, I was driving down Atlantic Blvd. on my way to work  one morning and a nice looking sports car was not paying attention and moved casually into my lane.  I was already on the far right!!  Where was I to go???  So I honked … the vehicle’s driver still wasn’t alert and continued moving into my lane to the point where I had to nearly stop!!!  He … or whoever it was as the windows had a dark tint … finally woke up … got mad … and intentionally swerved into my lane this time.  It was crazy!!!  Then, I got next to him and pointed to my own head, signaling, “Are you crazy?!?”  Whoever was in the car took offense again and swerved into my lane again … on purpose!!!!!  I was in shock!!!  I had to think!!!  Not react!!!  (I was glad that I no longer have my pistol!)  I took out my cell phone and got as close as I could to the car!!  The driver seemed to react by speeding up and getting out of view of  my cell phone!!!  Imagine!!!  People … at least THIS person … running from a cell phone!!
Okay, here’s the deal.  It seems, and I am including myself here, that a lot of folks are doing the “inventory taking” thing we learned about in 12 Steps.  That’s when your life is so messed up that you can’t look at your own “stuff” so … you start talking about EVERYBODY ELSE and what you THINK is their problem!!  Imagine that!! Well, I think you catch my drift by now.  I have been around people … work with people … who want to answer when someone asks ME a question!  And these type of people think that they know EVERYTHING!!  That is why me and EE advocate … “Know Thyself!”
Speak up for YOURSELF!


John I. Cook, Director

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