The Lesser of Two Evils . . .

lesser of 2 evils


Happy Monday, All!

Yes, it is the first official day of “hurricane season” here and the first day of June.  Pretty much mid-year point.  For myself, it serves as an opportunity to check the progress of my New Year resolutions or just my goals.  It gets tough sometimes setting goals and doing everything you can to achieve them.  It is a personal challenge that is also very growth producing.  I try to be sure that I learn something from every “close encounter” because it is also “happening for a reason” that we may be clueless about.  That’s the Creator’s work anyway … I wouldn’t understand!!  And in the background, the full moon is looming like an “eye in the sky”!  I love it!
So in doing what I like to do most, listening to points of view regarding things close to me and important for humankind, especially of a spiritual nature, I caught two stories on “60 Mintues”.  The first was an interview with the Police Chief of Cleveland.  When the “60 Minutes” journalist told him … TOLD him that the Federal Report generated after a thorough investigation was done after city activists and residents demanded an investigation due to high incidents of racial profiling and police brutality, showed that the Feds identified multiple areas and events supporting those claims by activists and citizens, including the  hiring of a police officer who shot and killed the 12 year old kid with the toy gun – the Chief responded poorly. The Chief sounded like a confused robot with the most ignorant programmed answers to questions … this was ridiculous!  I mean the journalist from “60 Minutes” asked him: “How did this officer who was forced to resign from another police department due to mental imbalance get a job with the Cleveland PD?”  The black police chief answered: “Well we are working on getting better with that process.  It seems we need to improve it.”  What a ridiculous answer, especially for Tamir Rice’s parents, friends and family … peace be still.  Now, if I try to get a job in a call center at a university, they do a thorough background check within 24 hours … BEFORE offering me the job!!!  How does that work in Cleveland’s PD??!!
The other story on “60 Minutes” was about the scarcity of water!  Our bodies, so I’ve been told since 7th grade science classes, are made up of 90% and above of water?!?  The water supplies globally have been showing to be in trouble.  There is a satellite that can find “hot spots” or areas below the water table of the Earth where the deepest supply of water WAS … because it is now dwindling.  Here in this country in California, we get a first hand glimpse of this growing problem.  I mean, is there any new technology that can be used to get a better distribution of water on the entire planet?  It seems that farmers are fighting over drilling locations in California, where, if they didn’t drill for water below the Earth’s normal water tables, that area would become a desert!!!  As of now, one farmer noted, “you can grown anything there!”  I don’t know for sure but I think some of the world’s “monies” need to be invested in research into saving the planet’s water supply.  Do you??
Well, last month was Military Appreciation Month here in the good old USA … and it culminated last weekend … with a hefty supply of events for Memorial Day Activities.  Another quick shout out to a man, Maurice Blake, my former coach at St. Paul’s School, who served in the Navy and even worked with some of the guys of the “Red Tails” pilots that escorted many airplanes over enemy territory to help win World War II … or at least … defeat the Naiz advances in Europe!!  As we celebrate the first day of June, may we count our blessings together.  The two “issues” I mentioned are plaguing our world today … the racism and lack of focus on human interactions world-wide as well as the apparent depletion of our planet’s water supply indicate that we have lost our priorities.  We focus on the wrong things …  Time is running out, lest we destroy ourselves … and our planet.

John I. Cook, Director

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