Our History is Quite Short, Let’s Not Shorten It More!

Memorial Day Love


Happy Friday, All!

And a Happy Memorial Day Weekend with a hearty T.G.I.F. attached!!  I like it … a three day weekend and some great weather?!?  Looking forward to it!  I remember some childhood Memorial Day Cook Outs in the Catskills with Mom and Dad or at Croton-on-the-Hudson’s State Park near Ossining … even Bear Mountain State Park a bit further North of Westchester County, NY!
I always remember the reason, though … that we could do all this fun stuff and honor our nation’s military and the simple fact that it is because of them that we can live such lives having cook outs and parties, picnics and family gatherings … going to amusement parks riding on attractions that “scare the shoes off of youse”!!  We call that fun … In some places, bombs are a daily observance like in the land known as the West Bank.  In still other places, food and water are scarce and some of the things we do for fun have never even been thought about!  Some of us can take a day off of work and go on boats and swim and cookout and enjoy the mountains … or the beaches … whatever you prefer … “from sea to shining sea”.
So let’s not forget out nation’s military and the central part they play in keeping “our country” … yes, this is where I am living so I am claiming it, too … safe so we can enjoy (though we often destroy) our natural environment.  I hope those who are talented at discovering ways to improve life in countries where basic drinking water is scarce … can come to the aid of those suffers.  Maybe those with special skills, talents and interests will help combat stuff like “Ebola” and cancer … dementia even …  and can find cures or treatments for the illnesses that humans suffer from … not to mention the mental illnesses that plague this world’s inhabitants!  Let’s not shorten our history, folks, lets find ways to continue living together on this planet.  Yet, again, I would like to thank the Armed Forces, both past and present … hopefully the future, if necessary (maybe there will be a “peace pill” developed like a “soma” tablet once mentioned in futuristic literature – Huxley’s Brave New World).  Don’t overlook the real reason for Memorial Day, Folks.  I am sure if you look hard enough, “you” can find something wrong with it.  But try to look at the positive ingredients … Enjoy the food, the fun, the frolic, your friends and families!!
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

John I. Cook, Director

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