Happy Birthday, Marietta Dolores . . . RIP

Mom Bd


Happy Hump Day, Yeahhh!

Happy Birthday, “Mommie” … yes, my mother … Marietta Dolores (Watkins) Cook R.I.P. has a birthday today!!  Born on May 20th, 1917, Marietta would be 98 years old today.  She used to treat me so warm and lovely … She always told me to try to make it on my own … since she and Dad couldn’t help so much … “One man can change the world …”  Big Sean, John Legend, Kanye West sing it best … Ron Paul says it best …  “We need to get ready for a change of things …” … “I hope you make it on your own; and, If you love yourself, you’ll never be alone …”  “And when I die, I hope you teach me how to fly!”  Some fantastic lyrics from the song by Kanye West, Big Sean and John Legend … so pretty … dedicated to a woman … someone’s s grandmother.  I want to dedicate it to my Mother … some of the lessons she always wanted for me … humbly, sweetly … gently and nurturing!  Now of course I had “Big Ike” my Dad, who balanced all that out with his “tough love”.  Great combination, those guys … We didn’t turn out so bad … I am still doing what I think they’d want … especially Mom!
I sit back listening to my favorite tunes … imagining she’s talking to me, through others’ music … lyrics and notes … I hear you!  I do! So many of us who care for her and the things she did, the lives she touched … I just don’t want to forget it … It’s what makes me who I am.    She put up with some of my major drama …  I mean … MAJOR drama … from walking me through thoughts of suicide as a teen in White Plains to visiting me at “The Big House” here in Broward County in her early stages of Alzheimer’s.  She was always there, talking with someone to help a situation I had gotten in.  She was also there … with Dad … at my graduation from St. Paul’s School in Concord, NH in June of 1972; and they both were there in June when I graduated from Princeton in 1976!!  I cherish those moments … when I could bring them pride and joy …
She worked as a Girl Scout Troop leader for the African American teen girls in the Winbrook and the neighborhoods where African Americans lived in White Plains … Brookfield Street and Dennison Street and up into the Fisher Avenue area as well as The Projects.  She organized trips to Europe, Israel included, with the Ladies from the Bethel Baptist Church Flower Club and served as President of the White Plains Student Aid Society for several years.  She also got folks out to vote from The Projects as she was often involved with the Mayor of the City of White Plains as well as other local politicians.  For several years during my years at Rochambeau Elementary School before it closed down to facilitate voluntary busing policies adopted by the City of White Plains to integrate the entire School District, including areas like Ridgeway, Rosedale and Post Road neighborhood children, my mother served as President of the White Plains PTA (Parent-Teacher Association)!  They say, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!”  … that would be me!!
So in closing, way up there in the sky and deep down here in my heart, I am wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays, “mother Mary”!
Thanks for joining me, and a Happy Birthday to my friend, Rebecca, with the same birthday as my Mother …
John I. Cook, Director

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