It’s Friday, y’all!  I’m about to bust my move …. T.G.I.F.!  It is true … I am approaching a high level of silliness … but I like it!  I hope you don’t mind.  Of course feel free to join in and say or write something … even THINK something really silly!!  Then chuckle … or laugh … get a belly laugh when you can!  It is good for the nervous system.  I’ve heard it is a great stress release and has some chemistry with our brains releasing something pleasurable even!  Not bad for a bit of laughter, heh?!?

I just wanted to briefly mention that in much of my writing and work, even in workshops, I try to strike a balance! It is my goal at least.  Sometimes I succeed at that goal and other times, I go on a bit, especially if it’s something close to my heart and life experiences.  It is something I strive for in all my endeavors … balance.  I like to do yoga, be it Raj yoga which is mostly relaxation through guided meditation, perhaps with soft background music to enhance ones ability to relax ones mind.  Or, asana/vinyasa yoga with many movements and positions (asanas) relevant to curing and healing … even stretching and relaxing the human body through the union of mind, body and breath.  Thoughts are constantly racing.  It is a wonder some of us remain civilized though I have learned that many folks require medications of various types to find that balance.  I pay attention to how I feel in certain situations and try to recognize my threshold for “drama tolerance” or “ignorance” in general.  The more I live … and pay attention … the more I realize that some people actually cannot manage their own personalities.  And that’s okay, too … as long as one follows the proper treatment program and counseling, if necessary and included.  I mean, I was in a program a few times that required my undivided attention, especially of and on myself … not my ego … but what I was REALLY feeling … inside!
I had to learn to peel back those layers … layers of lies and deceptions as well as the layers I had “installed” to protect my most inner essence of peace and harmony …  It seems that some people just don’t want to get along.  They thrive and flourish on a rare form of energy that comes from a negative, hurtful non-nurturing place that can be dangerously manifested in ones behavior!!  It has the same effect on others whom it “reaches”.  I think about my parents sometimes … who didn’t have the psychological paradigms yet had enough insight to raise four kids after moving from the South to the North on the Eastern seaboard.  They remained married 50 years and it only ended when my father died some months after their 50th Anniversary.  I always remember my father telling me that as a man I needed to develop “mother wit” … to maintain that balance that many men need to work on.
Our lives, methinks are much the same.  I mean, why would a guy be driving a train at the speed of 106 mph in an area designated for 50 mph???!  Didn’t he know how many people were on that train counting on his ability to do his job properly?!?  Hadn’t he driven that train on that same stretch of track before??  What was he thinking?  Couldn’t there have been more effort on his part to seek a balance between whatever he was doing as opposed to guiding that Amtrack train safely to all it’s destinations?!?  Don’t they get sick days?!?  Okay, I’m done … Just trying to hammer home my point of seeking and acheiveing a good balance in your life.  Nobody said you have to be perfect everyday … but do indeed seek a balance!!
Enjoy your weekends, folks!
John I. Cook, Director

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