The Gift of Gratitude

grace rose

It’s Hump Day … Yeah!!

We’re making progress … towards the weekend!  Just being a little silly but this weekend should be an interesting balancing act for me between a workshop early Saturday morning at 9AM, my yoga and swimming afterwards … okay and sitting in the jacuzzi at LA Fitness (this is my mini-retreat!) and a Brahma Kumaris Meditation at Young Circle’s ArtPark on Sunday.  It’s a pretty cool place that the City of Hollywood really takes great care of and pride in!  Security (unarmed) on every corner, including the bus stops that dote Young Circle … shucks there are various international restaurants, Publix and Walgreen’s in that Circle!  An interesting mix of young hippies, homeless folks that hang out in the park all day … they can’t stay at night … security and police keep them from hanging out there. It looks like a cross between “Greenwich Village” in NY and SoHo (South of Houston Street) with a mix of ethnic groups, many Europeans, too.  Interesting indeed.
Monday I missed yoga as I met with some friends at H.E.R.O. and a client who needs a resume and wants to apply for work.  So, by the time the meeting was over, it was already 8PM … when yoga starts.  So, I cruised home … had forgotten about “Food Truck Night” until I saw all the people walking around the Circle!!  There they were … The Food Trucks!!!   From Asian food to Argentinian food including pizza and Italian Cuisine Truck … I got a Gaucho Burger and chocolate covered bacon strip even … it was dark chocolate!  A former student from White Plains who lives in Ft. Lauderdale with her husband and children also told me about it.  I had just earned a few bucks so I decided to treat myself … nothing fancy ’bout a “Gaucho Burger” (egg, cheese, ham on top) side of fries and a chocolate covered strip of bacon, right?!  I know my yoga friends from class were wondering where I was and my vegetarian friends are deleting this e-mail fo’ sho!!  I don’t eat stuff like that ever except on some outing of curiosity like “Food Truck Night”!!  There were a lot of people out there, too!  Kids, families, couples … single ladies sitting under a tree even … munching on snacks from the trucks.
It just brought a little smile to my face … An Asian couple invited me to stand at their table set up by the Argentinian Street Food truck, since there are no chairs out there.  I didn’t feel bad from the food though I was expecting some reaction with the acid reflux I experience from time to time … But nope!  Nothing!  (Trust me … I had gratitude for that, too!)  I watched a webinar last evening about “re-wiring our brains” and “afformation” rather than  (or in addition to) “affirmation”.  It was free with Mind Valley, an entity about thought and self help for me to tap into from time to time.  I even took notes!  The presentation talked about having gratitude for what we may have … even if some of us want more!  Just be grateful for what we have, too!  Yes, folks that I often see carry a bit of arrogance rather than gratitude in their attitude.  It doesn’t turn me on … not a bit.  Nor am I impressed with that type of attitude …which is usually exhibited to cover up something “else”.  Us humans do some strange things to ourselves … and each other.  Mind Valley suggested some re-wiring … even trickery … though on ourselves to convince ourselves of what we deserve in life!  It was interesting how the workshop was presented.  The conclusion was pretty much: Even if you don’t believe you deserve certain “situations” in your life (good ones of course!), if you continue to use “afformations” – seeking that love of your life or the job of your dreams – at least you’ll be ready when you’ve worked hard enough at it to acquire it.  The last step mentioned was “action”!
Always in Peace,
John I. Cook, Director

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