Don’t Panic!

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It’s Monday again, All!  Yes, I was rather glad to have Monday kick in … simply because I had to make some serious adjustments on Mother’s Day … Y’all already know why!  I noticed that there was quite a few folks like myself, whose mothers are “no longer amongst the living” … as we know it.  Yes, Mother’s Day as well as Mom’s birthday are always tough days for me.  This time around, I handled it a bit better.  Don’t panic, whatever you do!  Needless to say, I hope everyone enjoyed and celebrated “Mother’s Day”!
So, it was like Saturday afternoon after I got home from having some “stromboli” at Grande Pizza in Plantation with Ken Chiarito and seeing his mother and sister, I was going on-line to do some browsing and … my laptop wouldn’t load up!!  I was sitting there … yep … panicking!  I turned it off and on … several times … I took the battery out and put it back in, turned it on and off again … NO LUCK!  My mind was all over the place!!  The last time this happened, I went to the Office Depot near where I lived off Cypress Creek and the techie there made it so that I could use the computer in the “secure (safe) mode”!!  He gave me some prices … but that was AFTER he had run a virus removal program … and the prices were a bit out of reach for me at that moment.  So, I used the “safe mode” until one of the IT guys from work suggested I use AVAST.  Another friend even sent me a program that included an anti-virus program as well!  I still have it saved for a “panic day” … anyway!!  I was already prepared to spend Sunday at the Office Depot … back in my former “hood” … or find one near where I live now in Hollywood!!  When I woke up, I kept the faith, turned everything on step by step and followed the prompts, half of which had NOT shown up the evening before!!  I was witnessing progress in the making!!
After I got it working okay, and, after I had entertained sending maybe two e-mails/blog posts per week instead of three, I more or less relaxed, picked up some snacks (Mexican chorizo, spinach, and some Amish Country Longhorne Swiss cheese with some “Whole Fruit” strawberry flavored pops for dessert) and wished all my friends and associates a Happy Mother’s Day, I decided to watch NBA Playoff Basketball games!!  What a turn around, heh … when you don’t panic.  Now, I started to panic, so … I’m just sayin’ how grateful I am that all was resolved before having to prepare the Monday e-mail/blog post!
I watched “60 Minutes” in between two NBA Play Off Games on the television and came across a story about a ballerina named Misty Copeland … Wow!!  What an incredible story about an African American girl who grew up very poor with her mother and siblings … and became  one of the best ballerinas to date.  She is said to be among the ranks of the world known Mikhail Baryshnikov, in terms of her talent and stature, as well as her ability to awe audiences around the world!  Imagine … some “people” had told her that she would never be a ballerina, that her body was too  muscular (move over, Serena Williams!) and that she should forget about being a ballerina!!  I am sure that those same people now hide their faces … or at least … shut their mouths instead of talking negative about Misty!  Her book entitled, “A Life In Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina”, is moving the hearts and minds of the ballet world as well as those not so familiar with her craft.  The point is … she didn’t panic … but worked harder instead … to be what she was meant to be!
Have a great week … and …. “Don’t Panic”!

John I. Cook, Director

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