Build On It!!

Mother's Love

Happy Friday, All!

I’m going to do it!  You already know!  T.G.I.F.!!!
This month for me is so very special for a variety of reasons.  The warm weather … and, a chance for the sharks to leave SoFlo so I can go swimming in the ocean again!!!  Right?!  They come South too like “Snow Birds” from the Northern states and Canada, because the waters and climate are warmer here than they are up North!  As I try to “age gracefully”, I find so many lessons from my mother … that’s the other reason this month is special.  Not only do we have Mother’s Day this weekend, my Mother’s birthday is May 20th!!
So, I just want to honor her in as many ways as I can.  Sure, I have been through some experiences that caused me some challenges, were not good decisions and I didn’t do some things right.  I can admit that.  However, I never lose sight of the good things I have done and some major accomplishments and contributions to what I think is the betterment of human kind, as some folks would try to have me do.  I work too hard to be a good person to let someone rob me of who I AM!!  Your definition might differ from mine, but that’s where a negative intention or actions toward me will have to “get lost” … away from me.  I mean, why would I entertain allowing a spiritual attack … upon myself?!?  It’s not going to happen … without a challenge.  Another one of those lessons that ONLY a wonderful Mother can “teach”.  Many times, she nurtured me through challenges and difficulties, like blending in to an “all boys Episcopalian boarding school” in Concord,NH at the tender age of 13!  Needless to say, the challenges I experienced at Princeton didn’t stop me from getting my degree from this “Ivy League” University.  And, BOTH of my parents were there when I graduated “on time” … we made EACH OTHER proud!  Love you guys!!
During this part of my journey, I seek to build on EVERY experience I’ve had, and, share it with those interested in “our” journey together.  It is a journey of goodness and humanity.  It is a journey of uplifting those less fortunate.  It is a sharing of love and peace with like minded spirits.  Of course, experience is the best teacher, so we are ALL prone to having experiences that do indeed “teach” us.  Now, it is up to us to “pay attention” to the lessons … and learn them.  So many of us take our mother’s love for granted.  I recall acting so terribly that it would cause my mother to shout at me!!  On a few occasions, tears flowed from her eyes, I recall, like when my Dad passed away.  She couldn’t witness it, as he wanted to die at home with his family … in his bedroom, as he took his last breaths in my arms as bone marrow cancer claimed his life.  Now, they both are amongst the spiritual and I am part of her testimony, with my other sister Edna (Happy Mother’s Day, Sis, as you enjoy your time with other mothers in St. Lucia at the Arts & Jazz Festival!), and the many people who love and loved her … as we do!  If I could just touch her today … any day … and tell her thank you again … I would bravely do so.  I think she knows, though, that I am doing my best to carry on!
Enjoy your Mother’s Day Weekends, Ladies!  “You ONLY get one … you ONLY get one!  I’ll always love my Mama!”


John I. Cook, Director

Educational Excellence

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