Why Would You Be Surprised!?

What are you doing

Happy Hump Day, Yeaaahhhhh!

The middle of the week is here again.  As usual, I am working on some small projects … hopefully a bigger one soon … as I seek to update my website and blog with the guidance of a prep school “chum” (can us guys call “girls” a chum … or… chummess?!?).  I didn’t ask her for permission yet so I will just mention her first name … Linda!
She and another great friend, Gary Hodder, Esq, who has recently given me the opportunity to include him in the EE E-mail Family, and we recently re-connected since our days, including Linda, at St. Paul’s School, are pooling their knowledge and resources to help.  It’s like we’re coming full circle, as I have with many of you.  Linda is planning to come South-east from LA to visit some family and we plan to get together in person then, but are doing some work together on-line now.  I am happily surprised … yes … I am.
Surprises take on different personalities and dimensions, even, often times.  I think of the character “Gomer Pyle” from a sitcom of the same name starring Jim Nabors.  His favorite line was, “Surprise! Surprise! Surrr-prise!!!”  It was always funny when he said that because people both on the show and at home would undoubtedly get a chuckle to flow or smile a bit.  Recently, the country has witnessed a brave attempt by the State Attorney General there in Baltimore, Marilyn Mosby, who has announced and charged six officers with having their hands in the death of Mr. Freddie Gray.  You know what’s amazing, as Rep. Elijah Cummings said: “Baltimore can happen anywhere!”  How many of you believe that?  I think you should consider it a possibility, if ALL us adults don’t start trying to save the nation for our children.  There is a very selfish streak that runs through people who try to ignore the reality of what Mr. Cummings statement clearly suggests ….
Yet, we find the Baltimore Police Commissioner exhibiting (and stating it!) another kind of surprise that State Attorney Mosby charged these six officers shortly after he had turned over his report of the investigation that he held regarding the events leading up to the murder of Freddie Gray.  Commissioner Anthony Batts stated to a CNN reporter that he was “surprised” when just after a few hours that he had turned his investigative report in on the events surrounding Freddie Gray’s death, State Attorney General Mosby announced that she was filing charges against those six officers!  I wondered, “Why would he be surprised?  Should the van be charged with Mr. Gray’s murder?  How about the bolt in the back of the police van that transported Mr. Gray as if he was a box of corn flakes in the back of somebody’s truck?”  Why of course not, Commissioner Batts!!  She is going to charge the “humans”who were wielding night sticks and beating a defenseless man for NO REASON (can’t use the switchblade knife excuse anymore, boys!) until he couldn’t even walk on his OWN TWO LEGS!!!  He was just running from those “mofo’s”!!!  What in the hell happened to his legs?  His voice box?  Did the bolt in the back of the van crush his voice box?  No, I don’t think so, Commissioner Batts.  It was one of your officers with his knee pressed onto the back of Mr. Gray’s neck as he was handcuffed and faced DOWN on the cement side walk!!!  You are surprised?!?  At what???  That there is now a State Attorney willing to charge a bunch of cops as the thugs they behaved as???!!!  The people want justice for Freddie Gray.  Your officers wanted death for Mr. Gray without what they are getting … charges, a trial … and a jury to decide their fate instead of some “vigilante” Keystone cops who murdered this man slowly …
If someone does something illegal, they should NOT be given preferential treatment, especially given the FACT that they (the driver) was clearly dishonest in naming the stops he made that same day.  No one, as Mosby stated in her statement where she announced the arrest of the six officers, is above the law!
Have a great day!
John I. Cook, Director

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