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Happy Monday, All!
Here’s to hoping that you each had a wonderful weekend!  It was very eventful there in Baltimore and other major cities across this nation demonstrating support for the “killing” of Freddie Gray by six officers.  I am hoping that Baltimore City’s State Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, can pull together the proper factions in the process to get these “characters” convicted.  At least they have been charged.  The people continued their peaceful protests and gatherings in Baltimore to support each other and Mr. Gray’s family yesterday, in spite of all the critics of peaceful protests who like to view these as “lootings and destruction” from the “underclass” in this country.  There are two different groups … the underclass is the smaller group, in terms of their behavior.  Don’t mix the facts, critics!
It is amazing to me how many newscasts state that “Freddie Gray died being transported after being arresting for carrying a switchblade knife, which wasn’t illegal.”  Are these reporters kidding me?!?  Those officers had NO REASON to touch Mr. Gray other than that they HAD arrested him in the past for drug charges.  (Do you know any movie stars who have drug charges, ie. Charlie Sheen? … but police don’t treat him like that!)  For all it’s worth, this is the brainwashing that goes on here when it comes to the issue of police brutality and racism.  In fact, out of the six officers arrested in Baltimore, three were minorities (3 African Americans – 1 female, and three white officers).  This goes to show you even more that on this micro level of analysis, “police brutality” is a syndrome that officers experience when they are not “fit” – emotionally, psychologically and socially – to do such a challenging job and become “less than human” THEMSELVES when dealing with “suspects” or just “African American men” … period!  We know this better than anyone else … it has been this way since we were brought here as a people to build this nation!!!  The reason we are a major threat to “them” is because “the founding fathers” and those who used “slavery” as a free economic work force KNEW that this was inhumane in the first place.  They also tried to “head us off at the pass” before we became intelligent enough in THIS system to occupy positions and serve the country well, as evidenced by the POTUS Barack Obama and now, the youngest attorney general I’ve heard of, Mrs. Marilyn Mosby.
The beautiful thing is that many of Mosby’s family members also served in the police forces and they know full well what really goes on in those circles of “racist” police officers who also may engage in brutal treatment of non-suspects, suspects and citizens alike!!  The issue is of “police brutality” and I stick to my suggestion in earlier writings that there needs to be a revamping and ultimate “raising of the bar” to become a law enforcement officer.  As well, I hope it comes to the light, but it is clear that the “press” is hard at work with it’s racist tendencies to get folks to believe that Mr. Gray died from injuries suffered DURING transporting him, without proper medical aid, and not being secured properly while having his legs secured as well as his hands cuffed during that “fatal ride”.  I suggest that he was injured when the officer put his knee on the BACK of his neck while he was face DOWN on the cement.  Try that on someone and see how much “they” like it.  This is how his voice box got crushed.  While the officers were beating him like crazed animals, they hurt this man!!  Did you see his legs dragging BEFORE they threw him into the back of the police van?!?!  His vertebrae had already been separated as evidenced by his leg dragging as the officers had to literally hold him up BEFORE throwing him into the back of that police van!!!  Believe it …. (your eyes) or not … (their lies)!!!
One Archbishop who held a service yesterday near where Mr. Gray was attacked and beaten by these six officers stated: “We must acknowledge that people who have been [mistreated] and are powerless … and see NO WAY OUT … have the right to express their frustration.”  This “frustration” has been engineered (through racism and economic deprivation) by the same society that their (our) ancestors built and now suffer in … due to attempts to keep African Americans ignorant.  Don’t forget now, that during slavery, the plantation owners – the rich ones and the dirt poor ones who had a slave or two – forbade the slaves to learn to read.  Tell that to Mrs. Mosby’s ancestors and they will be laughing at “you”, so to speak, and applauding her for being in the right place at the right time!
We all can “see” the truth, now let’s hope this system, also built by the same humans who once relegated women and ethnic minorities to “servants” and second class citizens, can provide the vehicles to expose this human tragedy we suffer from called “police brutality”.  Have a great day and pray for “the truth to come to the light” … it is overdue!

John I. Cook, Director

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